Its the simple things in life

A long stopover in Tokyo on the way to Nepal and the Himalayas.  Lots of jet-lagged time to think about what I look forward to finding and all that was left behind in the States.   Quite a study in contrasts as I leave the complexity of modern Southern California for a place that in some ways is centuries behind us.  Simplicity.  I can’t wait.  We accept a great deal of complexity in our daily lives just so we can have vacations in simplicity.  Ironic.

Paring down

What if simplicity was the standard for more than just vacation?  My wife and I have a dream-moving-toward-reality of living on a sailboat.  We’ve already chosen the size and have our preferences for style and where to call ‘home port’.  Moving toward our dream means getting rid of everything from DVD’s to furniture.   With each simplifying step, there is a newfound sense of freedom and a lowering of stress.  Having everything you need but only what you need is liberating.

Simple wins

Simplicity in business is no different and is just as liberating.  When business focuses on giving every person what they need and only what they need, the result is a liberating work place.  Liberated people are happy and more productive.  They stick around long enough to become very good at what they do.  Business process solutions need to keep this in mind…the more we focus on simplicity, the more we capture people’s attention and motivate them.  As I look across the BPM landscape, I see far too much complexity and too little simplicity.

Is this your business process solution?

How do we test for simplicity?  Easy.  Are we creating solutions that allow people to visualize and begin interacting with business process without training?   Take your best ideas and put them in front of your in-the-trenches people.  If they see it right away, you’ve got a winner.  If they don’t, you probably have complexity.  Give it a shot.


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Author:Chris Taylor

Reimagining the way work is done through big data, analytics, and event processing. There's no end to what we can change and improve. I wear myself out...

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