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When Supply chain, compliance and BPM are one #BPM #supplychain #compliance

In the next issue of BP Trends coming out on July 5th, 2011, you’ll see a story about the success of ThyssenKrupp Steel and their ability to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain through a focus on business process and ISO compliance.  One of their very first decisions was to make end-to-end process management the cornerstone […]

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Why the confusion over what “BPM” means?

Perspective.  It all comes down to what perspective you bring to the discussion. IT view An IT department sees process as business behaviors that  can be automated by technology.  Sure, they understand there are things that won’t be automated and will gladly make allowances for a manual process to be part of a flow, but not the […]

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Simplicity – a practical tale of end user adoption #bpm

End user interaction must be the mantra of great BPM.  It needs to be said because it often isn’t. Hard to believe?  Believe it.  I’m in and out of enormous corporations that struggle to find ways to reach the end user, and have looked at many technologies to do so.  A growing number see that […]

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Business process and behavioral economics #bpm #behavioraleconomics

The following is a guest blog by Tom Molyneux, a business process management professional from Newport Beach, California.  He works with some of the largest international corporations and has a background in business process, economics and e-learning. BPM and behavior economics Janne Eriksson recently wrote an excellent post about Design Thinking applied to Business Process […]

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BPM For Real Design Thinking

Design Thinking – a help for Business Process Management?

BPM is a globally-themed concept that has remarkable similarities from country to country.  In line with that, the following is a guest blog by Janne Eriksson of Sweden, a business process management professional who works in the Nordic Countries: I recently read an article by Swedish researcher Anna Rylander (University of Gothenburg) about Design Thinking.  […]

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BPM and Transformation ROI

Origins of cynicism Every software company has a return-on-investment calculator that demonstrates that implementing product X will save your business, send your kids to college, and allow you to retire early.  The numbers are big and they need to be.  The cynicism surrounding ROI calculations is as large as the promises.  Sometimes larger.   Equally challenging […]

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Facilitating Social BPM

The following is a guest blog by APQC’s Manager of Open Standards Research, John Tesmer. I’m pretty sure that conversations about process have been happening in some form since caveman times.  Back then, social BPM was something like grunts about the most effective ways to sneak up on a herd of buffalo.  Professionals of recent times standing […]

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BPM and the Great Data Consolidation

I consider myself a student of trends…not a techno-junky who leaps on every new product, but someone who watches the marketplace and decides when to enter.  I was late to Facebook, and didn’t blog until two months ago…about two years after the mainstream.  As you can see, once I’m in, I give it my energy. […]

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