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A picture (of a process) is worth a thousand words #bpm

In today’s news, Luminate, a Mountain View, California-based company received $18M in funding from top investors including Google Ventures to expand their technology to tag pictures with information and functionality that can be accessed by a simple mouse over. Why does this matter? Because people respond to pictures better than text. There are millions of […]

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The fundamental technology shifts that affect BPM #BPM #BPMFuture

Picked up on an interesting tweet this weekend of a Business Insider article titled, “Facebook Investor Roger McNamee Explains Why Social is Over”. Since most technology people and the pundits are still explaining why Social needs to exist, it grabbed my attention. Roger McNamee’s presentation of “10 Hypotheses for Technology Investing” was the driver for […]

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A look back at the pre-social days of 2011 #BPM #SocialBPM #BPMFuture

2016 has arrived, giving us a great opportunity to look back on how far we’ve come in the world of business process management and social technology. In the past five years, we’ve watched as social technology changed the nature of organizational expertise, as well as the way people and work are managed. I’d like to take […]

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A pre-social technology boss

Is social the end of top-down management? #BPM #socialBPM

The spectrum of views brought by adherents of social media in the workplace ranges from one extreme of, “If you build it, the rationale will come” to the other of, “Don’t implement anything without a clear strategy for how to use it.” There’s a logic to both arguments as any new technology pattern has the […]

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Really smart person

Is social BPM the end of focused expertise? #socialBPM #bpm

Expertise We can all agree that ‘expertise’ generally represents mastery of the way of accomplishing something.  To become an expert, an individual masters the known, agreed-upon way and joins a club of those who have achieved the same level of mastery. They receive reinforcing, positive feedback for being so good at their ‘thing’…and for doing that thing in the known, agreed-upon […]

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Heroics versus Mastery

The following is another guest blog by Tom Molyneux. Heroics Out and about in Newport Beach this weekend, my daughter yelled “Rocketman!” Easy to think it was her imagination, but sure enough, there was a man flying over the water on a jet pack  It was somehow both futuristic and like watching a news clip […]

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WSJ TKS Article

The ThyssenKrupp supply chain and compliance story

Just this week, BP Trends published a case study that is well-worth taking in. ThyssenKrupp Steel USA spent US$6B to create a seamless system for producing rolled steel primarily for the automotive industry.  They made very early decisions to make sure their enormous capital investment broke from traditional industry by focusing on business process rather […]

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