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#BPM puts events in context

Inspiring Performance 2011 kicks off in London today, only weeks after the Tibco’s acquisition of Nimbus. Tibco has been in the event business and Nimbus in business process. Are they really so different? Let’s think that through. You’ve heard rock-solid arguments that BPM puts work in context and you’ve hopefully picked up on the ratinale […]

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Why hasn’t process data been treated fairly?

I was recently asked, “Do you ‘fix’ processes before implementing a business process management system (BPMS)?” This is a very good question and something that sparks great debates whenever it comes up….how much time should be spend documenting processes that exist, especially if processes are seriously flawed? I’ve said many times that if you don’t start with the processes you have, good or bad, […]

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Personalization and

Anyone who wonders what the future of the web, the future of the enterprise and the future of business process holds, look no further than The ability to take your Twitter account and use the feed to create a ‘newspaper’ for people to read based solely on what you follow. Automated and personal, by following […]

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Data, process, models, events and Enterprise 3.0 – why social isn’t enough

Yesterday I wrote about The hidden cost of collaboration. For many, Enterprise 3.0 could be a social beast, but as written up today in the Harvard Business Review piece, For Growth, New Ideas Aren’t Enough, there is far more to the next generation of enterprise than social technology. Enterprise 3.0, as used by Tibco’s founder […]

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Money Bags

The hidden cost of collaboration #socialbpm #bpm

Everyone talks about collaboration and its benefits, but what does it really take to join forces with others, gather ideas and come up with the best way to move forward? Collaboration is usually talked about as a very positive thing, but is it always a benefit to  get more people involved? How do we decide […]

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Generation Z

Does Generation Z have a “2-second Advantage”?

What happens when a whole generation that has lived their entire lives with the ability to feed information to themselves (and at a time and format of their choosing) becomes the dominant group in the workforce?  What happens when this group of entirely social, entirely digital, entirely in-command-of-their-world workforce is running the critical elements of […]

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Why did UPS centralize BPM? #BPM

The past nine months has been and excellent opportunity to get to know UPS and their uniquely process-focused approach to their work. What was once a straightforward  business of picking up a package in one place and dropping it in another has changed significantly as the business environment has grown more complex, their customers more […]

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A panorama from the Summit Pyramid of Mt Shuksan

Business process without blisters

We climbed a mountain this weekend near Seattle. On the way down it struck me that our experience was the perfect metaphor for so many arguments I see around what defines the realities of business process management. Structure versus creativity There are things that we must do every time to be successful (and safe), like […]

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