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Faking out cows

We drove back down the Owens Valley from our ski vacation at Mammoth today and once again saw the famous cattle grids that keep cattle and sheep from leaving their pastures. They are an enormous time saver, allowing vehicles to enter and leave a grazing area without the tedious effort of opening and closing gates. […]

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Ski Vermont

Technology learns to ski with #social #mobile and #data

On a recent trip to Mammoth Mountain, California, I had a first-hand look at mobile, social and data at work. I’m a lifelong skier. I fell for the sport as a child and never looked back. I worked on farms in Upstate New York where I grew up just to buy my equipment and I […]

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Relevance Rises

Social BPM and the signal to noise ratio #SocialBPM #BPM

Early today, I came across a blog post by Gartner’s Jack Santos, Musings: The Amplification of Communication.  Jack recites the maxim, “Sending a message does not necessarily mean it was received” and makes the case that people and the system become worse off for having tried and failed to communicate, “…one can only wonder when […]

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Counseling circle

Has process lost its meaning?

My first meeting of the business process management support group. Hey, I’ll admit I was nervous. It went something like this: Chris: (sits down in the empty chair)”Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I’m new to this group. Everyone: “Hi, Chris” Chris: “I’ve been using the word ”process” instead of describing specific system outcomes […]

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Social Graph

What Cleopatra can tell us about Social BPM #BPM #SocialBPM #CES

Tens of thousands descend on Las Vegas every winter to see the gadgets and gizmos that we’re told will change the world. For some it is a chance to see the butterfly effect while  the monarch is still flapping its gossamer wings in Africa. The Consumer Electronics Show is a chance to predict and benefit […]

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ERP System from MBA Knowledge Base

A view from PEX Week – There’s an app for that #BPM #PEXWeek

I sat on a PEX Week 2012 panel yesterday with Clay Richardson, Sandy Kemsley, Nathaniel Palmer and Steve Towers. The question for the panel was what we saw coming in BPM.  I’ve weighed in on this topic recently with my 2012 predictions and a broader view of BPM’s future. I was prepared to restate much […]

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Getting everyone

Selling BPM – Three things that make the difference

Sitting through the kickoff sessions of the PEX Process Excellence Week 2012 in Orlando, Florida, what struck me most was the consistent message that ‘selling’ BPM is a large part of successful BPM. And selling just once isn’t good enough. When it comes to selling business process change, initial success is ‘no indicator of future […]

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Saturn V lifting off

Creativity, process and putting man on the Moon

Last week I wrote about process at the heart of creativity in Superbowl commercials. As luck would have it, we were at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida today and had a remarkable view of creativity that happened at the very heart of checklists and meticulous process. The Space Program is to this […]

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Casket full of doritos

Doritos, the Super Bowl and process

Living in Los Angeles, it isn’t rare to know people who work in what is locally called, simply, “The Industry.” Since my work is focused on business process, it would be easy for my friends in The Industry to think we’re in very different career fields, but are we? The more one digs into what […]

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done 1A color ThyssenKrupp Steel Plant

When process management is culture — ThyssenKrupp Stainless

The APQC Frameworks Study that concluded last Spring looked at a remarkable story of a new, $6B steel mill located near Mobile, AL. ThyssenKrupp invested so much because they believed in US manufacturing, even during tough times, and were determined to make their operation the most efficient and resilient of its kind. Successfully delivering a […]

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Skeleton in waiting room

When patients know too much #BigData #BPM #healthcare

How did Borders feel when customers could walk in the store, take a picture of the cover of a book, see competitive pricing information and then order immediately on Amazon or elsewhere for delivery tomorrow? Access to information forced Borders and other book sellers to compete on brand new terms and we know how that […]

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Social Media Platforms

Social technique and the Hudsucker Proxy #BPM #Social

Any big fan of the Coen Brothers has at least heard of The Hudsucker Proxy, one of their lesser-known films from 1994. Why wasn’t it big at the box office? Because it was too cynical for the American public? Maybe. I’ll offer another answer…it was too far ahead of its time. You see, The Hudsucker […]

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Sliced fruit

BPM and healthcare — Why has it taken so long? #Healthcare #BPM #ProjectRED

Healthcare is going through an unprecedented changes. Some of the change is forced by external regulatory mandates and some by rising costs and a sense that if we don’t do something soon, out-of-c0ntrol costs will force even more change from the outside. It would be easy to call this a crisis moment, though crisis implies […]

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New Years Resolutions

What Makes Change Sustainable? #NewYears2012 #Resolutions #BPM

Tom is a business process consultant at some of the largest enterprises in the world. His experiences in the strategic use of technology give him thoughtful insights into the rapidly changing world in which we live.  He has a strong background in finance, education and technology. Resolutions It’s just past the holidays when many people make […]

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Rose Parade Float

Mobile, social and the Tournament of Roses Parade #BPM #MobileBPM #RoseParade #BigData

We have a ten-year tradition of attending the Rose Parade in our hometown of Pasadena, California. Year after year we cheer groups like the Martinez Family and the Benny Martinez’s ability to use his lasso the entire length of the 9 km (5.5 miles) route. It has been our way to ring in the New […]

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