The social currency marketplace

You’re not found anywhere on the typical social web…LinkedIn, Facebook, FourSquare, and Twitter. Is it because you’re reclusive or because you’re hiding something? The person looking for you doesn’t know which it is and frankly, it doesn’t matter. Whether you’re the Unibomber or simply a private person is immaterial. You lack social currency.

Social currency was born when the way we communicate privately crossed with the digital economy and is just as important as a resume. It is driving identity, trust and new industries, according to Tech Crunch. Social currency is this decade’s version of joining the country club, having wealthy friends, and political connections.

Earning it

You earn social currency by choosing to spend time on social media platforms. It isn’t enough to post, however, you need to respond. As you demonstrate your willingness to play the game intelligently, you gain currency. Being original is a much faster way than to pass along the thoughts of others.

Consistency is key. Dropping in and dropping out are pretty noticeable and can work against you. Also, it has a slow start, as ‘breaking in’ involves sticking around long enough and being persistent enough to demonstrate your intent.

The benefit

You have a perceived value right away. You’re ‘there’ the moment your social currency is clear. You have that value because social currency is the way to know that someone is ‘accepted’ by the masses and is no longer about being accepted by the elite. If at one point in history it was about being accepted by the rich, the powerful…social currency is about being accepted by your peers. Even the peers you don’t actually know. It is very democratic.

Spending it

Social currency is ‘spent’ by staking your reputation on the recommendation of another. Poor choices in your ‘likes’, posts and even connections will reduce your currency. Staying away from foolish things is the biggest trick. Clay Shirky ‘spent’ social currency criticizing SOPA and PIPA. It was a well-played purchase.

Social currency in the marketplace is like a credit check. Lack currency and you’ll pay a ‘higher rate’ to connect to others. Have strong currency and you’ll gain connections without trying.

We’ve made a choice to put our thoughts and adventures out on our professional site (you’re reading it) and personal site. It takes time but we’re pretty sure it will be worth the investment.


Categories: Workplace Reality

Author:Jeanne Roué-Taylor

I'm fascinated by disruptive technology and its impact on our world. I manage sales operations for an excellent startup with a unique team of highly experienced data scientists.

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