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Mary Meeker on Re-imagination

What if the Internet is just getting started?

Even though we’re less than two decades into public use of the internet, there is plenty of evidence that we’re still in the very early stages of what’s possible. As Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker points out on TechCrunch, we’re only in Spring Training when it comes to the “re-imagination of nearly everything.” Her examples are […]

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Big Data and making your own luck

Big Data for a Higher Return on Luck

We all succeed for various reasons, luck included. We just never quite know when luck will strike. But we can be ready to respond and maximize its benefit. Big Data has its role in that plan. In this video, UC Berkeley Management Professor Morten Hansen describes three traits leaders need to help their organizations thrive […]

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Can your IT be nimble?

Three ways to make your IT more nimble

The following was first posted on Harvard Business Review. If you want to improve how your organization develops, delivers and supports its products or services, it’s hard to avoid changes to the information systems that enable those processes. Yet I often see organizations that try. Why? Because they have suffered from delays and high expenses […]

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Big Data needs a Big Lever

Big Data needs a Big Lever

While the rest of the world is focused on volume, velocity and variety, Big Data has a real challenge that is larger than distributed storage and processing and larger than sources and types of data. It has a problem I’ll call the Big Lever. Put another way, “What do you do once you think you’ve […]

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When the answer is Small Data

Big Data is advertised as the secret to unlocking actionable intelligence. Collecting and sifting through vast amounts of data finds the patterns that change everything. But is elusive ‘data in combination’ the answer that we should expect from analytics? Not necessarily. More and more often, crunching large amounts of data gets to the opposite result: […]

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Intervention while the patient is still healthy

Intervention While The Patient Is Still Healthy

The following was first published on The TIBCO Blog. In a previous article, Healthcare: You can’t improve what you can’t measure, we took a look at the Toyota Production System in Healthcare. Going beyond Lean and TPS,  new-to-healthcare technology brings significant disruption to the traditional healthcare technology market for one simple reason, laid out in […]

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Are Your Employees Drivers or Victims of Process Innovations?

The following was first published on the Harvard Business Review. To stay competitive, organizations need to continually find opportunities for innovation in key processes such as customer service and product development, and adoption of a new process almost always requires the implementation of new information technology. In his 1990 classic HBR article “Reengineering Work: Don’t […]

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Nurturing a startup, part of the fun of now knowing what comes next

The fun of not knowing the answer

The best part of the current startup landscape is that we have no way of knowing what will and won’t work. In fact, the situation is the same for established organizations. Between social, mobile, cloud and an Internet that now reaches billions of people, there is enormous change on the horizon. We know from recent […]

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Old fashioned telephone for the Last Mile

A BPM playbook for the Last Mile

Making process ‘stick’ is a real challenge facing process management initiatives. Most BPM professionals try to solve the problem in a similar way…they create the Playbook, the Electronic SOP or the Emergency SOP. Each is a flawed answer to the challenge but could look like progress. Years ago, before the triumph of  mobile phones, there was the […]

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Focus on all patients, not just one

Healthcare, your process is your product

Processes are how work gets done. They are a series of activities that convert an input into an output for the customer or next stage of work. Healthcare is fundamentally a service industry with processes as its product. Because efficiency has never mattered in a fee-for-service world, healthcare is overripe with opportunities to innovate. Innovation […]

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Virginia Mason Medical Center Physician Compact

Urgency, leadership, vision and culture…does Healthcare have this?

Hearing Virginia Mason Health System’s CEO, Dr. Gary Kaplan, speak today at the WCBF Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Summit makes it quickly clear why Lean is the growing undercurrent for a move to accountable healthcare. Virginia Mason was in trouble in 2000 and losing money, its best people, and potentially, their vision. The clues were […]

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Bridge Out sign

Accountable healthcare: Can ya get there from here?

Today is Day 1 of the WCBF Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Excellence in Healthcare Summit.  This isn’t a new organization nor is Lean or Six Sigma a new discipline. There are things, however, that are on the horizon that make this a very important place to be at this moment in the US healthcare saga. […]

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Avoid the improvement hype cycle

The following was first published on the Harvard Business Review. Organizations are overrun with improvement initiatives, from infrastructure overhauls to sales programs. And they often add new ones, spearheaded by new leaders who want to make their mark. The good news is that new initiatives can energize people to attack organizational problems. But the bad […]

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Big Data Growth

What we all need to know about Big Data

Watching the buzz around Big Data, it would be easy to dismiss the hype as an answer looking for a solution. After all, how many times have you read about a remarkably good business model (other than Facebook, Google or Amazon) making millions through Big Data technologies? However, by the time you read about solutions, […]

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Healthcare can't improve what it doesn't measure

Healthcare: You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure

The following was first published on The TIBCO Blog. As shown in Healthcare Reform That Can’t Be Stopped, the Toyota Production System has found a home in healthcare. The Wisconsin-based TPS pioneer, ThedaCare, has been employing Toyota’s industrial efficiency principles in its hospitals to great effect for more than 10 years. Thedacare is now seeing great […]

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Back To The Future

The commoditization of Big Data

A wise man once said, “What has been, will be again.  What has been done, will be done again.  There is nothing new under the sun.” We’ve seen this before The year was 1996 and the birth of the term Web 1.0 was ten years in the future. A new computer technology was just becoming […]

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