Oops, that was your turn

Timely information is the competitive differentiator in life and business.

It’s 6:15 AM on a weekday morning and we’re trying to get out of San Francisco. We’re not alone. We’re competing with a surprising number of cars doing the same. It shouldn’t be a competition but clearly is.

Timely data

We have a GPS in our corner…a literal ‘dashboard’ guiding our decisions, but this 2004 Acura navigation system is dated and creaky. Information is coming too late to be actionable. In the absence of timely information, we follow our gut and end up going 20 mph in Downtown Oakland. Our competition becomes tail lights in the distance, still moving at 70 mph.

‘Gut’ is often based on the past but decisions require information in the moment. It needs to come before the forks in the road and ahead of the competition. The speed of today’s marketplace makes this an imperative.

Do you have the right information at the right moments or are you headed for Downtown Oakland?


Categories: Data Analytics / Big Data, Disciplines

Author:Tom Molyneux

A business process strategist with a focus on real-time event management.

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