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Drink Coca-cola

Big Data isn’t nearly enough

The simple act of making an offer to a prospective buyer is as old as commerce itself, but with the help of information technology, is taking an enormous turn. The disruption will be enormous. My wife and I go to the grocery store quite a bit. Sure, we need to eat, but also love to […]

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Customer-centric continuous improvement

Customer-centric continuous improvement

The following was first published on the Harvard Business Review. Improving customer value continuously is difficult in almost any organization. That’s true partly because so many organizations are still organized around functional silos, which are managed to optimize their own performance rather than to deliver value to customers. If internal feuds don’t sabotage things, Process Attention […]

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Your EMR is lonely without process

The following is a preview of a soon to be released article on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and business process.  To receive a copy, contact me at: The move to electronic medical records (EMRs) is underway in the US.  This critical component of health information systems is already yielding benefits for an inefficient system. […]

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The two-way street named loyalty

When we think of the word loyalty, it has a noble sound. Knights were loyal to their king and people are loyal to their countries and their football teams. We offer our loyalty because we believe it makes us part of something bigger than ourselves. The object of our loyalty, if doing things right, gives […]

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The 21st Century workplace

The workplace has a brand new look

There’s a growing recognition that the next generation of workers treats email the same way us older folks now see the memo or physical email. What we still use as a mainline communication tool they see as a relic. This move toward social isn’t breaking news, but it is the leading edge of something much […]

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The three levels and functions of the brain

Avoiding the ‘what’ and embracing the ‘why’

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek Why do some people and companies rise to the top of our consciousness and others don’t? It comes down to being able to explain the ‘why’ of what we do more than the how or what. Our potential customers want to […]

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A look at the modern enterprise

Operating a 21st Century enterprise

There are remarkable shifts going on in the world that are changing the way business is done. When we see disruption happening and it isn’t about an emerging market, it is about this very shift. Before we go into the ‘what’, let’s look at the ‘why’. When we began to computerize, we did it to […]

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Lessons from a plane trip

Lessons from unexpected places

I had a Public workshop in Northern California last week and was wiped out when we finished on Thursday afternoon. I got to the airport in the late afternoon, excited to get home, finally got on my flight that was nearly 3 hours delayed, and sat next to a rather chatty woman. She asked me […]

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United and Continental merger stumbles

Continental and United are a warning to others

As a long-time frequent flyer on United, I had a front row seat for their merger with Continental. This was one adventure that for which I didn’t make a reservation and a trip I didn’t have the option to skip. With years of miles behind me, I wasn’t about to start over with another carrier […]

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Process Competition

Is competition with process heating up?

Is the pace of IT-enabled process change accelerating? Are any IT-driven business initiatives on your CEO’s agenda?  Are IT-driven business initiatives higher, the same, or lower on the agenda of your top executives than they were 5, 10, or 20 years ago? On the one hand, it seems that process changes driven by IT are more […]

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Airline with data in motion

Don’t squirrel away that information!

Human beings were designed to make decisions on the fly. From early man fleeing predators to our current world of fast and furious decision making, we’re well suited to thinking on our feet. Information at rest So why then, do we we still use systems that rely on putting information into neat containers that then […]

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You can’t fix healthcare without 21st Century technology

The following was first published on The TIBCO Blog. It would be hard to find someone to argue against the idea that healthcare has enormous room for improvement. While other industries became process-focused, automated, analytical, mobile, social and event-enabled, healthcare focused its technology efforts on the latest diagnostic equipment, and on systems that facilitate billing […]

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Stethoscope Computer Keyboard Healthcare

Seeing and responding our way to better healthcare

The following was first published on The TIBCO Blog. We can expect significant changes ahead in healthcare as a surge of digitized data becomes available to healthcare providers and insurance payers alike. The data sets will be large and diverse, requiring filtering, analysis, and a way to deliver information to the right place or person […]

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Leadership & Redundancy

Profits. Topline. Bottomline. Data points that outlay the very purpose of an organization. Visible indices to enterprise success and, therefore, leadership. But I’d argue that there really is more to leadership than just those indices. For, those indices represent the outcome. The end. It is the not-so-visible means that characterizes leadership best. Two key aspects […]

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Image: File: Google To Move China Search Engine To Hong Kong

Dinosaurs made extinct by Big Data – Part 2

My recent post on Brad Pitt’s Moneyball, led to a great discussion with Dr. Vijay Mehrotra, a well known management professor and analytics thought leader at the University of San Francisco’s School of Management.  Vijay has also written a number of pieces around Moneyball (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  The story turns out to be a […]

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Running a strong race

Why does one person succeed and another fail in the workplace or in life? Quick research shows thousands of books and blogs that offer advice on how to succeed and how not to fail. As someone who has experienced both success and failure, I don’t need to look any further than my own experience to […]

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