Healthcare, heal thyself

Imagine if leaders from several organizations in an industry put aside their competitive stripes to join forces and advance their industry through technology.  Well, it’s happening in healthcare.

Dubbed the Healthcare Industry Transformation Project (HITP), the group is a cohort of nearly two-dozen C-Level executives, innovators, and influential leaders from across the healthcare ecosystem that will conduct it’s inaugural meeting this month in Chicago.

Ted DellaVecchia, Chief Healthcare Strategist for TIBCO Software, will chair the HITP and also facilitate a number of accelerated solution design sessions.   “We’ve brought together a very strong team of leaders from across the healthcare spectrum who want to pioneer the adoption of 21st Century technology to improve the cost, quality, and experience of healthcare An educated observer will note, this esteemed group indeed promises to bring a wealth of capabilities to the table to address, head-on, the challenges inherent in our industry. ”

A Roadmap to Transformation

The group’s primary focus is to build and execute a visionary and transformative IT enabled roadmap to address challenges across three broad themes: changing the ways consumers buy and use health care, influencing clinical outcomes, and structuring innovative business models.

We’ll narrow that focus to identify the most pressing business and clinical use cases within these themes, and together, design solutions to tackle them, with the goal of implementing workable, repeatable solutions at our respective organizations,” DellaVecchia explains.

Look Outside To Change The Inside

The group will study the approaches of leading companies in other industries that have already made the leap to 21st Century technology, then apply that vision to tackle healthcare-specific problems.

At a recent healthcare conference, I heard someone ask, ‘where do we go to find the technology to move the healthcare industry ahead?’, “DellaVecchia says.  “The answer is simple.  Look to other industries that have already solved these problems and build upon their leading solutions.  Think about implementing a retail-style loyalty program to influence a patient to follow-through on a care management plan, or tracking claim transactions like they’re overnight packages at FedEx.  This is the type of out-of-the-box thinking we’re bringing to healthcare.

Not Your Father’s Think Tank

Unlike some industry groups that simply conduct research or engage in advocacy, what sets the HITP apart is its action-orientation.

The HITP initiative has a long-term commitment to success and is differentiated by implementing solutions versus sharing academic thought leadership,” DellaVecchia says. “Although we will value shared institutional learning, we are not just a think tank, but a group dedicated to devising 21st Century technology solutions and putting them in action at their respective organizations.  We will continue our momentum between face to face meetings by leveraging the advanced communications of our corporate social collaboration tool, the ‘HITP Pulse’. Then we’ll get back together in a few months time and pull back the covers to advance what we’ve done to use this technology to improve our individual organizations.

Changing The Game

Nice concept, but will it work?  It’s a good bet that it will.

Obviously, the proof is in the pudding.  Ultimately, the group’s success will be judged by the solutions we create, and how we’re able to implement win-win value-chain relationships.  I’m confident we have assembled the right group to make this happen. . I am confident we have the perfect combination of timing, enthusiasm, firepower, and opportunity to achieve our stated goals. Trust me, this is a group that is designed to change the game in healthcare.” DellaVecchia predicts.

I may be well served to keep my eye on the newly formed cohort.  If it’s successful, I believe the HITP could serve as the spark to jumpstart the transformation of global healthcare.


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Author:Chris Taylor

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