Organizational change and the Olympics

Organizational change is an ‘athlon’, made up of several events and not a sprint. BPM Redux on the London 2012 Olympics and what to expect from business.

IT :: redux

The London Olympics has kicked off in earnest and someone reporting on the news used the phrase “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” when referring to the UK’s rather lacklustre medal count. And it got me thinking. With the economic crisis as it is everyone is treating enterprise change as a 100m dash; it must be done in record time, get it over with and beat the competition. But it shouldn’t work like this.

Organisational transformation should be more like an ‘athlon’, made up of several events focused on endurance and speed, not just speed alone. More often than not it’s the ‘endurance’ that’s dropped which translates to a lack of long term vision and goal in mind for the end of the change itself. Change is being planned as a series of quick wins with little cohesion or strategy and while it means you could…

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Author:Chris Taylor

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