When both airbags deploy you know there’s a lot of paperwork

Do we choose our services for the right reasons? How often is price more important than service?

I spotted this car on the side of a quiet back lane on my cycle to work. A smashed wing, a cracked windscreen on the opposite side of the car and both airbags deployed. No sign of any other cars. No skid marks or dented trees.

So what happened?

A deer ran out and the driver hit it? A pedestrian wandering back from the pub down dark country lanes got clipped and thrown onto the windscreen? A simple car-on-car accident?

No matter what the answer, there is bound to be a ton of paperwork and other administration. Insurance forms to fill out. Proving who was in the right, so future insurance quotes are not affected. If the accident involved a pedestrian or a dog, goat, horse, cattle, ass, mule, sheep and pig then there are police forms to fill out. Interestingly, deer was not on that list. Do the drivers need any medical or physical attention, possibly through a private medical scheme? Then there is the process of getting the car fixed and back on the road. Getting quotes to fix the car. Hiring a car to use whilst this one is fixed.

Price over service?

Now is the time when you find out whether your car insurance is ‘any good’. Thankfully, few of us get to test it and most of us judge our insurance companies by the cost of the quote.


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Author:Ian Gotts

Founder of Elements.cloud, tech advisor, investor, speaker and author. Runs on Duracell. Based in San Francisco and in a 747. Elements.cloud, is the business analysis app designed to support Salesforce #AwesomeAdmins. 100% cloud, it is tightly integrated into Salesforce. Use the free core capabilities to capture business processes and embed them inside objects, with single sign-on.

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