When geek is cool

We were talking to my son, Max, about how he and his friend are geeks. He is currently enthralled by the periodic table and how elements combine. He was delighted when we played him the song by Tom Lehrer which puts the periodic table to music. BTW, being able to sing that song is Daniel Radcliffe’s party piece.  So when we accused Max of being a a geek he got defensive and stated that he was a geek and was proud of it. That is great news.

IT has changed how we work, play, live, laugh and love

The biggest risk to the long term future of the IT industry is a lack of kids thinking that coding cool. A lack of IT talent is a global issue, according to recruitment group Hays Information Technology.

Charles Logan, director at Hays, said financial, IT and green skills top the list of skills in demand globally. “We operate in 32 countries and these skills are the ones that our clients globally say are in most demand. For anyone considering their career options in our globalised economy, these are the skills to focus on.”

How can’t be technology be cool?

The iPhone, iPad, Kinect, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, the internet… In fact, technology is at the heart of all of our lives. Wasn’t Tom Cruise seen as cool in Minority Report?  Technology has dramatically changed the way that we work, play, live, laugh and love. But being involved in technology still seems to have  huge negative connotations.

More women required

Very few women get into IT, whilst there is absolutely no reason why they would be disadvantaged compared with men. That is over 50% of potential the workforce. And the other 50% are ambivalent. How do we change this image? Being selfish, I will continue to set up and run technology companies, and I need a talented resources.

Whilst CEO at Nimbus I used to present a lecture at the local universities in their career track called “Life: a sexually transmitted terminal disease”. This raised the profile of Nimbus and we got the pick of the gap year students. Many of the students who joined us said that we interviewed them and offered them a job before other companies had even acknowledged their applications.

Change coming?

But maybe there is a change as The Discovery Channel’s recent article Wide Angle: Cool Tech Jobs; Discovery Tech talks to technologists who love their jobs, shows. And Max’s reaction.



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Author:Ian Gotts

Founder of Elements.cloud, tech advisor, investor, speaker and author. Runs on Duracell. Based in San Francisco and in a 747. Elements.cloud, is the business analysis app designed to support Salesforce #AwesomeAdmins. 100% cloud, it is tightly integrated into Salesforce. Use the free core capabilities to capture business processes and embed them inside objects, with single sign-on.

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3 Comments on “When geek is cool”

  1. September 10, 2012 at 12:53 am #

    Good article Ian, but aren’t you promoting the same negative connotations and stereotype you write about by using a ‘nerd’ image in the post ? 😉



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