Day 2 of TUCON 2012 even better than Day 1

The following is a writeup of TIBCO’s TUCON 2012. Follow the event at #TUCON2012. While we’re not usually so ‘TIBCO’, there was a great deal of really interesting information shared that we thought you would enjoy.

Day Two of TUCON 2012 continued to be a showcase of the technology that responds to the conference theme, “Everything is Different.” The day started with a recap of Day 1 by Chief Marketing Officer Raj Verma before moving to the first of the day’s themes, social media and collaboration.

But before the video rolled, James Murren, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MGMResorts International made an appearance. He talked about how proud he was to host the event and how pleased he is to have TIBCO as his technology platform and partner in business.

Scary Statistics

Next, John Shewell, Director, Product Management at McKesson Provider Technologies took the audience through the “Scary Statisitics” of health care cost and delivery. He pointed out that 75% of healthcare dollars are spent on patients with one or more chronic conditions, many of which can be prevented. Shewell also noted that half of healthcare spending is used to treat just 5% of the population.

McKesson is using TIBCO’s platform to detect conditions early and to significantly improve healthcare by listening and responding to real-time streams of data from disparate systems. They are on the cutting edge of applying the best technology solutions to make data available for productive use and to make people’s lives better.

Big Data Insights

A big data panel of industry experts from PerkinElmer, GE, Infosys, Accenture and Eiffage followed with excellent responses on the question of, “What is big data and does that term really matter?” Technomy’s Founder and CEO David Kirkpatrick moderated the group, which came to the consensus that big data is far more than social media and consumer information.

Infosys told that story that their retail customer referred to big data as, “the ‘B’ word” that shouldn’t be said. Instead, that customer thinks of the challenge in broad terms like “the customer genome.” One of the best comments came from the Accenture panelist, “Fast data is more important than big data,” which aligns perfectly with TIBCO’s 2-Second Advantage capabilities.

The GE panelist also made a very insightful comment that, “Connecting big data to the domain expert is the real value.” That comment set the stage perfectly for the next topic., enterprise social computing.

Enterprise social computing

TIBCO Chief Technology Officer Matt Quinn retook the stage to introduce the concept of Enterprise Social Computing. Quinn, now dressed in gray, pointed out  that TIBCO has always been about being able to deliver the right information to the right place at the right time and in the right context.

TIBCO’s President of Social Computing, Ram Menon was introduced for a walkthrough of TIBCO’s tibbr 4, the latest release of the very popular social collaboration platform used by such diverse organizations as Schneider Electric andInterPortPolice. Ram showcased the enterprise graph and app platform features of tibbr while talking about the partner ecosystem that includes and Wayin. Ram made the case to the attendees on the imperative of Social Computing and why tibbr is the best in class, differentiated solution.

Actionable insight was a theme repeated several times by Menon and the tibbr Vice President of Products & Engineering, Sriram Chakravarthy. The presentation left no doubt that the future of social computing in the enterprise looks like tibbr.

The social collaboration discussion engaged the audience, an achievement for Day 2 of any conference, and tee’d up the discussion of the consumerization of enterprise IT. It’s a well-accepted challenge to the enterprise that most technology works very well in the home but not as smoothly in the business environment. Apple and Android raised the bar on how systems should be integrated and showed us that our enterprise is slower at responding and that great user experience and simplicity are still a goal more than a reality.

Consumerization of IT

Jamie Bernardin took the stage to show us that advances in cloud and mobility are being delivered to the enterprise through Silver Mobile, the TIBCO technology that significantly speeds development of user-friendly mobile solutions for the enterprise. With analysts in agreement that mobility is the next frontier for customer service, this product represents an enormous efficiency play in a very fast-moving landscape. Create your own enterprise app store.

Matt Quinn returned to talk the crowd throughSilver Fabric 5.0, which enables public, private and hybrid cloud for the enterprise. The product shortens the time to provision enterprise computing resources from days or weeks to minutes. The flexibility and scalability of creating your own technology stacks while leveraging public cloud infrastructure brings what TIBCO CEO Vivek Ranadive calls, “extreme value.”

Quinn also brought out TIBCO Silver Integrator, the unique way to integrate enterprise cloud services. This product further demonstrates TIBCO’s commitment to solutions that are on the leading edge of how the enterprise meets the 21st Century.

Lastly but not by any means least, TIBCO Silver Marketplace was introduced as the way to utilize complex infrastructure products on the fly and without investing in expensive new hardware or costly IT resources. This pay-as-you-go platform perfectly matches the show-me-the-value world we live in.

21 Century Platform

The morning wrapped up with another panel led by Kirkpatrick with guests from HCL, Nielsen and HP. They talked about consumerization and the speed requirements that are driving this concept. One of the best comments came from HCL’s Executive Vice President Vikram Divvoori, “There is no central authority controlling change, so we have to be realistic about it. Business is saying, ‘I want this now’ and it is up to IT to avoid being a governance entity and not a gateway.”

Day 2 of TUCON 2012 continues the steady rollout of key technologies that enable TIBCO’s 2-Second Advantage through the Event Enabled Enterprise. Listening to commentary in the hallway, it is clear that TIBCO continues to surprise the marketplace and set the standard for innovation.  These have been two solid days of insight into where the world is going and how technology is taking us there.


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