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BPM Governance

BPM’s struggle over governance

2012 is coming to a close and I’m taking stock of my BPM experiences with clients over the past 365 days. After reviewing my notes and files, the theme of governance showed up again and again as the most challenging problem or previous project failure. All this made me want to dig a little deeper […]

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Mayan Calendar Sun Stone

The Mayans were only partially wrong

So we’ve survived the Mayan Apocalypse and a passion-filled election here in the U.S. only to face the “Fiscal Cliff”…will our troubles never end? New years are a chance for new starts so it would be great to start the year looking forward to something other than disaster. For us, there are many reasons to […]

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It only seems like a step backward

Holidays are a fantastic time to get together with the people that you just somehow lost touch with during the year. We’ve been doing exactly that in a very intentional way. Today, however, was a special opportunity to have pizza at Mama’s in South Pasadena with Jon Dephouse, a friend who was diagnosed with a […]

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water cooler

In Praise of Face Time

Almost all work these days is distributed — people interact with one other to make sales and process orders from different locations, for instance. To keep everyone up-to-date, particularly across departments and functions, employees use electronic tools (e-mail, voice mail, conference calls, instant messaging, and social media). In our virtual world, working face-to-face is increasingly […]

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Is there anything we can’t do while texting?

If you haven’t watched a movie with a teenager, you’re missing out on a highly visible trend that at first seems annoying: Second screening. Their heads are down and their phones are in their hands as they glance up at the screen only occasionally to see what’s happening. Are they on Facebook, Twitter, somewhere else? […]

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Healthcare customer service

The real customer of healthcare

Gartner’s Jim Sinur wrote up his recent personal experience in healthcare, Bad Processes are a Stumbling Block to a Good Reputation, and brought up an excellent point about customer service: Who is the ‘customer’ of healthcare delivery? This questions could be the key to bringing healthcare into the 21st Century. Poor service Few industries are as […]

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Mexico City

Administración de procesos: Business process in Latin America

The following is a guest post by Alejandro (Alex) Arriaga, Co-founder of BPx4, a boutique business process management (BPM) firm that implements customer models in BPM systems to enable continuous process innovation. Alex has held executive roles with TCDS and Masnegocio, both Mexican firms that specialized in BPM, BRM and ERP. Alex is convinced that […]

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Heavy baggage

BPM: Three simple letters, so much baggage

It would be easy to think, looking at the technology landscape or at the procurement departments of most technology buyers, that the world is comprised of problems and solutions that exist in relative separation from one another. Analysts like Gartner, Forrester, IDC and others contribute to this by putting software into narrow categories that underrepresent […]

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Even Les Miserables can succeed

We managed to find five tickets for Les Miserables tonight at the ArcLight in Pasadena…not an easy thing for a very popular film on Christmas Day. As you know, we love to compare great films to the business world around us, so why should this one be any different? Les Miserables is a very well-known […]

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How the Amazon Grinch stole Netflix’s Christmas

In what has to be one of the better twists of this Holiday Season, Netflix went down on Christmas Eve, thanks to an outage on its chief competitor’s service, Amazon AWS. Amazon Prime Instant Video, the head-on competitor to Netflix runs on the very same AWS service  and was unaffected by the outage. Ironically, the […]

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The corporate intranet is dead…but wait…

We had a meeting just this week with Liferay, a maker of enterprise open source portals. Frankly, I was surprised when I was asked to attend the meeting. Aren’t portals dead? Haven’t the likes of SharePoint, Jive and others gone the way of the dinosaur? Was I being asked to take a step backward in […]

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Tunnel Creek

The New York Times showed us the future in Snow Fall

Last week, the New York Times broke new ground on the Internet without a great deal of fanfare. Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek came out as a serial novel, a pattern from the days of Dickens and Hugo. This was no simple story of tragedy or triumph. It started with a video, complete […]

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Pomegranates, a clean kitchen and process improvement

I eat a lot of pomegranates these days. These fantastic fruits provide potent antioxidants and have anticancer properties. They also reduce blood pressure and atherosclerotic plaque. Pomegranates are in season and taste delicious. But my wife was starting to hate them. Deseeding Like all things in life, I started out as a pomegranate deseeder novice.  Several months ago, I used to do this by […]

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Don Draper

Moving far beyond Mad Men

Retailers have gone miles beyond the traditional print, TV and radio marketing of the Mad Men era, for sure, but even the more recent digital campaign-based marketing isn’t the best way to gain loyalty while maintaining profitability. I’ll tell what works best, but first let’s take a look at how we got here. Don Draper […]

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Outsourcing to save money is the wrong reason

According to some sources, one of the earliest examples of outsourcing was in 1949 when an accountant created a company in New Jersey to take on payroll admin from organisations. That’s over 60 years to get it right….and yet year on year I hear the same issues from clients, I witness the same mistakes over […]

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campfire story

Are marketers just kidding themselves?

It’s funny how no matter how much times change, many things stay the same…or quickly return to established norms. Marketing has gone through a significant revolution over the past ten years as the Web matured and then social media arrived. But just as before our interconnected days, has settled into a groove of ‘safe’ targets […]

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