Stop shouting at me: Marketing 2013

Marketing shoutingIn the old days, newsprint, radio and TV ads were the way to get message out: Big spends on finite messages like Budweiser’s, “The King of Beers.” It was the Mad Men strategy and we love that world/television show even as we see the era come to a close with the rise of ‘modern marketing’.

Seth Godin made that point in his blog today, Ridiculous is the new remarkable, “The audacity of caring too much, sharing too much and connecting too much.”

Ten years ago, in Purple Cow, I argued that in a media-saturated marketplace, there was no room for average products for average people to gain the same foothold that they used to. Merely pushing an idea via relentless ad spend is no longer sufficient. The alternative: remarkable products and services, where ‘remarkable’ means something that someone is making a remark about.

When someone remarks on what you’re doing, the word spreads, replacing the predictable and expensive Mad-Men strategy of advertising with the unpredictable but potentially magical effect of significant word of mouth–ideas that spread win.

Nudge marketing

Marketing is evolving to a series of nudges coming from many different places. How many ‘customer touches’ does it take? It depends on the customer and it depends on the product. Let’s face it, it always did, but we didn’t differentiate in the ‘big voice, narrow message’ world. Marketers in the old world hoped for clever messages repeated many times as a formula for success. We were shouting because we had no way to converse.

Cold calling is so 00’s

But we’re almost to 2013: Platforms have been developed that nudge customers in multiple ways, be it video, blogs, white papers, Facebook likes and comments, tweets, retweets, etc. These platforms allow a campaign to be created that coordinates many touches and keeps track of response. They make products remarkable by allowing for remarks. My husband’s company is putting Marketo in place to do just that. It tracks the nudges and conversations that ensue, allowing for escalating engagement. It brings buyers and sellers together from common interest and for mutual benefit, not one-sided strategy.

Quite a departure from the cold call mentality.

Rediculous is the new remarkable

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Author:Jeanne Roué-Taylor

I'm fascinated by disruptive technology and its impact on our world. I manage sales operations for an excellent startup with a unique team of highly experienced data scientists.

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