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You're Fired

The HMV Firings: Twitter is the pulse of the planet but must be controlled

Once again Twitter proved its title as the ‘pulse of the planet’ when British entertainment retailer HMV employees took control of the official @hmvtweets Twitter account and livetweeted what they called their “mass execution” . The account of 60 employees being fired all at once hit the twitter stream briefly before being removed by the […]

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Sergey Brin

Google Glass and the Internet of Things

Just about the time we get our heads around the problem of Big Data, the Internet of Things promises to make the measly 2 billion connected people into 52 billion connected ‘things’. How can we possibly have the infrastructure in place to make use of so much human and sensor data? Before we can even […]

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Google Glass will change the face of the enterprise

When Microsoft launched their original Surface tables it was easy see plenty of enterprise use for the device…more than simply moving photos around a pretty screen. Surface was a commercial disaster and the product is still more of a gimmick and isn’t part of  to-day-business use by businesses. Sadly, Microsoft lost the plot, so let’s not […]

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Customer Service

The end of customer service?

Customer service is a baked-in part of the cost of delivery goods and services. Commodity services like Amazon’s AWS (cloud computing) sell and operate an extremely commoditized product that wins in cost and reliability, not in customer service. Amazon may be a very singular example, but as more products and services move toward the web […]

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Doug Office

Where I work: Best of both worlds

Following on from the LinkedIn INfluencer posts today we thought it would be interesting for the authors of Successful Workplace to share exactly the same, after all it’s not exclusive. So here goes; It’s no longer a 9-5 world, especially when you support a global organization and your team spans just about all of the […]

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Getting Things Done

Where I work: I get things done

I’ve come to realize my job is about getting things done. Forget processes, guidelines, and procedures. I tend to be one of the people who gets tagged when something needs to get done and get done right without questions, a lot of noise, or excuses. What that means day-to-day That means that a lot of […]

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On the road

Where I work: I’m mobile

I’m a very flexible person and that has made the difference in a job that can take me virtually anywhere.  I have taken calls from the shoulder of the freeway, the patio of my apartment, and coffee houses all over California. The life of a blogger/social marketer/actor/comedian is an exciting one. Pick any of my […]

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Home and work

Where I work: Quiet time and influence time

Following on from the LinkedIn INfluencer posts today we thought it would be interesting for the authors of Successful Workplace to share exactly the same, after all it’s not exclusive. So here goes: We work from a combination of home office and corporate offices. Each has its highs and lows, but there are two ways […]

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Where I work: it’s a madhouse

Following on from the LinkedIn INfluencer posts today I thought it would be interesting for the authors of Successful Workplace to share exactly the same, after all it’s not exclusive. So here goes; The nature of what I do, between consulting, advising and writing, means I can basically throw a hat and where it lands […]

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Civil War

Old rules on new battlefields

It is easy to think we’re the first to live in such disruptive times. Not even close to true. I recently visited a Civil War battlefield and had a great conversation with one of the reenactment actors who happened to be a history buff.  In our twenty minute conversation, he told me two remarkable, very […]

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Packing up your desk

Dare to be wrong

How many times can you afford to be wrong at work? In life, we are probably wrong everyday. We make wrong decisions, make a wrong bet, or say the wrong things to people. However, life keeps going and we move on pretty quickly, learning something new as we go. In love, we are often wrong […]

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Video game control

Gamification of feedback makes your team go faster

The following is a guest post by Toby Beresford. Toby is founder of a tool to create multi-variable leaderboards from both business and social data. He can be reached at @tobyberesford. At the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, a smaller British fleet routed a larger  French one, destroying 22 French ships without a single British vessel […]

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Water Splash

Disruption is both the cloud and silver lining

Sometimes you read something that is so provocative that you go sleep thinking about and even wake with it in your head. For me, it was Jon Evans, writing in Tech Crunch, making the statement America Has Hit “Peak Jobs”.  Evans believes the gulf between the haves and have nots will increase and that the […]

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Are you a social media super hero?

I am not talking about the Facebook user with one million friends. I am not talking about the social humanitarians who are saving the world one tweet at a time. I am talking about our social media alter egos. Every super hero from Batman to Superman to Spider Man has an alter ego. By day […]

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Federated Cloud – What does it mean?

Matt Quinn is CTO at TIBCO in Palo Alto, California. His role includes creating a common, corporate-wide vision for all of TIBCO’s products and technologies. His past experience includes the role of global architect, responsible for delivery of some of the company’s largest implementations in transportation and logistics, energy and finance. Federated Cloud is a […]

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Is Cloud the ‘darwinian litmus test’ for every industry?

A very good read in today’s GigaOM provided an impassioned defense of cloud computing. In The delusions that companies have about the cloud author David Girouard, former President of Enterprise at Google, makes the bold statement: …whether it’s service reliability, data protection, or regulatory issues, there remains to this day an insane resistance to cloud […]

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