Lance, why drag process into this?

1 14 2012-ONC-Lance ArmstrongI, like many others, watched Oprah Winfrey interview Lance Armstrong last night. I won’t go into whether I feel his is good or bad, what he did was right or wrong, justified or abhorrent. That is for the sport of cycling, Lance, and all those intimately involved to decide among themselves. Although, I have a feeling we’ll have a front row seat.

Once thing that I do want to discuss was his answer to Oprah’s question about how he makes this right with all those that have come out in the past, told the truth (which he admitted last night), but he attacked; either through lawsuit, defamation, or just plain bullying. His answer was, “Oprah, this is a process for me…”.

Process definition

A basic, simple definition of process is a series of acts that work on inputs to create an output. Lance seemed to be using it as a shield to hide behind. In the worst case, his PR person advised him to use this. At the best case, a really good therapist is working with him to work through the underlying personality issues that got him here (he discussed what those underlying issues are last night).

Process inputs

Either way, Lance, if you are going to drag “process” into this, give it the respect it has earned and deserves. Define the inputs you are going to seek and consider. Work with those that matter to define and communicate the actions you are going to take on those inputs.

Finally, be clear on the specific outcome you hope to affect as you undertake your process.

Process outputs

A process requires action beyond two interviews with Oprah. There will be many inputs, actions, and outcomes that won’t be in Lance’s control, but, for the sport of cycling, I hope he works as hard at this process as he did at the process that got him to this point.


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