Twitter’s Vine is a marketer’s late Christmas gift

Twitter VineTwitter has just launched Vine, a way for users to capture short 6 second bursts of video and share it with the World and their followers. But it’s also a chance for marketing departments and agencies to finally embrace something revolutionary and completely become a creative context machine again.

Vine integrates with Twitter in the same way as Instagram, meaning that Vine videos can be embedded directly in tweets, showing up in followers’ streams. Vine videos can also show up in a separate Vine web page. Users can also follow others separately throughout the app, as well as comment and like.

Something new

There are already plenty of apps out there but Vine works differently (and uniquely) in that it lets you shoot multiple short cuts to make one single, 6s video. The process is easy and involves no editing.

Because of the 6s time barrier marketers will be forced to become more innovative in the way they create their content. For Twitter it’s the video version of a 140-character limit and will prove powerful in its simplicity. Pinterest and Instagram have their charm but we’re about to see static images becoming passé. Video content in short bursts will drive the marketing machine back to the imagination drawing board and separate the signal from the noise.

Succinct storytelling

Whether Vine will create viral sensations like those on YouTube remains to be seen but the opportunity is there for marketers to make it their own and create brand personality through storytelling. The context opportunity alone is enough to drive people back to Twitter and reengage with brands who previously just pushed out dead content links through Hootsuite.

Vine is nothing new, there are alternatives out there but as a native app it may just become Twitter’s ‘creeping’ marketing success story.

For more on Twitter Vine, check it out in the Apple App Store.

Twitter Vine

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Author:Theo Priestley

Theo Priestley is a technology evangelist, industry analyst, startup advisor and writer. Theo has written analysis and insight on the enterprise software and tech industry since 2007 and provides marketing advice, business development and mentoring to startups and industry established vendors. He regularly contributes to a number of high profile technology, enterprise and customer-centric sites such as TechTarget, Wired Insights, Successful Workplace, ebizQ,, The TIBCO Blog, Business2Community, CustomerThink!, Venturebeat and writes for his own blog, ITredux. You can follow Theo on Twitter @ITredux

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One Comment on “Twitter’s Vine is a marketer’s late Christmas gift”

  1. January 24, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    Thanks for sharing, Theo. For a marketer, this is a great reminder to “Fit the Message to the Medium.”

    When I’m online, my attention span is nil. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked away from a news website that tries to make me sit through a 30s “TV commercial” before viewing a news video I actually want to see. By the time the news story comes around, I’m either gone, or I can’t remember what I clicked in the first place.

    As a marketer, if you can’t capture my attention and get your point across in 6 seconds, you have no business being online.

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