Where I work: Best of both worlds

Following on from the LinkedIn INfluencer posts today we thought it would be interesting for the authors of Successful Workplace to share exactly the same, after all it’s not exclusive. So here goes;

Doug OfficeIt’s no longer a 9-5 world, especially when you support a global organization and your team spans just about all of the time zones.

We’re no longer “at work” or “out of the office”.  We’re just “connected”; The 21st Century Workforce.

This morning, I led a sales enablement call with the European account team. This afternoon, I can walk my daughter home from elementary school.  Love it!

The office

I still maintain an office in my company’s local facility of about 40 employees, but I have transitioned to a role in which I don’t work directly with any of those fine folks anymore.  So I’m there less often nowadays.

The office is great for times when I need a more structured setting; when I have a lot of teleconferences or need a reliable high-bandwidth internet connection, like for hosting a webinar.  Or during the summer, when my kids have friends over to the house, and I need to escape.

Home office

When I’m not at the office, I work out of my backpack – usually in my home office, sometimes at a coffee shop. For me, this option is best when I need to focus on a specific project, or do some writing.

Having the option to be away from the office actually keeps me more focused when I’m there.  I’d much rather be working in the comfort of my own home, so I try to get my work done and get on the road.

Wherever, whenever

This “work when work needs to be done” philosophy makes it possible to do things like to sneak away from work to shoot a promo video for the non-profit concert series I help run.  Although I was away from my computer for a couple of hours, I was still productive, because I made phone calls while I was on the way to downtown Columbus and back.

The trick: “Be here when you’re here”

We’ve all met with people who are distracted by other work, and we’ve all seen the dad who walks the sidelines at his kid’s soccer games, iPhone in hand, thumbing through emails and text messages.  I try hard not to be THAT GUY.

Sometimes it’s work, sometimes it’s family.  That’s the reason Apple added a Do Not Disturb function on the iPhone.  (Don’t worry, boss… I’ve flagged you as a favorite.  Your message will get through to me!)



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Author:Doug Evans

Doug Evans is an accomplished marketing leader with wide-ranging experience in diverse business environments including non-profit, small private business, major national bank, and Silicon Valley software company. He has a knack for bringing together teams from across geography and organizational lines. He keeps active by playing and coaching soccer, and is also Marketing/PR Director for an acoustic music concert series in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

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