Where I work: I’m mobile

On the roadI’m a very flexible person and that has made the difference in a job that can take me virtually anywhere.  I have taken calls from the shoulder of the freeway, the patio of my apartment, and coffee houses all over California. The life of a blogger/social marketer/actor/comedian is an exciting one.

Pick any of my occupations and you’ll get interesting stories. Being able to go from living rooms to offices to comedy clubs takes a lifestyle more than any particular rules or gadgets.

The three R’s

Being able to Receive, Read, and Respond to my email from my phone has made my mobile work life much possible. Linking my work email to my phone’s ringer keeps me on my toes because I never know when or where it will go sound off. But when it does, that means I likely need to drop what I am doing and get busy. Working at a global company, it is always noon somewhere, meaning it is always noon for me as well. My phone is my lifeline, and my laptop is my life. Wherever I am, one or both of them are within reach or at least eyesight.

We spend at least 40 hours at work out of a 112-hour week (minus the eight hours a day we sleep). For me personally, I devote much more time to work than that and often less time for sleep. It is a compromise I am more than willing to make. The world is vast so I would like to see as much of it as I can. Essentially, I am working wherever I go.

Mobility is my freedom that comes with responsibilities.

By Day and By Night

I am the same person 24 hours a day, I have a day job and night job and they overlap. Like I said, it is ‘noon’ all of the time for me. When I wake up in the morning I immediately start work on The TIBCO Blog. Whether it is in the office in Palo Alto, or my desk at home I am always helping to make sure content is being created and published by a global team of writers. Eight hours is a short day, but it goes quickly when I love what I do.

My night job is very inconsistent. I could get a call from my agent and agree to work on the road. I could be performing at a comedy club, moving my work to the stage. I could even be in front of a camera, taking my work to television screens. My phone is what allows me to stay connected to all three. Even when I am asleep in bed and I hear my phone go off, my workday has started again. I would not trade any of this for the world because as long as I have my phone, my work the world are both at my fingertips.


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Author:Kevin Jordan

Kevin graduated from Stanford in three years and is a contributing writer for The TIBCO Blog. Graduating from a engineering-focused university, Kevin quickly developed a passion for technology and its role in business. Still continuing some of his other creative ventures as well, he enjoys doing stand-up comedy and professional acting. Appearing on the Disney Channel and performing on stages from Las Vegas to the Bahamas inspires him to continue entertaining through written word, on comedy club stages, and on television screens. Bridging his creative ambitions and technical curiosity creates the balance he strives for.

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