Best advice: be that rebel

James-DeanLinkedIn is running another INfluencer series called “Best Advice I ever received” so here at SuccessfulWorkplace we’re doing the same.

I wrote a piece about how being a rebel meant more in business than being a subject matter expert. Despite comments to the contrary I stand by it, I do after all have a career built entirely by that ethos. But I didn’t receive this as a piece of advice until last year when I happened on a blog post by the inimitable Seth Godin.

After reading it I took the opportunity to reach out, firstly to say thanks for being a source of inspiration but also for a bit of affirmation. You see over the years you can build yourself a ‘bad boy’ reputation which can only serve you so far before it becomes a millstone around your neck. You want to be taken seriously as a professional but for some it means sacrificing the core values and beliefs that make you, you.

So I asked Seth for some simple advice; do I stay the rebel, rock the boat, rattle the cage, or do I just toe the line and march with the rest of the ducks in a row. His answer was equally as simple in return, and it forms the banner of ITredux today.

Keep making a ruckus!

Thanks Seth.


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Author:Theo Priestley

"I had more creative ideas from Theo in 6 months than I have had in 6 years from most people." Theo Priestley is one of the most recognised independent technology industry influencers and evangelists, ranking in the Top 100 thought leaders across Virtual/ Augmented Reality, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things and future trends. Theo has written insights for Forbes, Wired, The European Magazine, Venturebeat to name a few, and has been interviewed for many online publications including the BBC on his thoughts on technology and the future. A regular paid keynote speaker and panelist at conferences and events, Theo is engaged for his forthright views and isn't afraid to challenge conventional thinking and the marketing hype surrounding the industry when presenting, never pulling punches to get the message across on how technology can be applied to improve business and the customer experience. He has also successfully organised and run TEDx and Ignite events. Highly active across social networks, he sits in the Top 1% for social media engagement on Kred and Klout and is constantly sharing articles and his analysis that he feels his audience would be interested in. Theo is also active in the startup community, mentoring within UK and US accelerators and sits on a number of advisory boards. Former VP and Chief Technology Evangelist at a Top 25 European enterprise software company with a career spanning both innovation strategy and delivery of software and business change in Financial Services, and as an independent technology industry analyst. Follow Theo on Twitter @tprstly or connect here directly for constant insights on tech and marketing trends. • Top 1% Influencer on Kred (915) • Top 1% Influencer on Klout (70+) • 12,000+ Followers on LinkedIn • 13,000+ Followers on Twitter • Recognised Top Influencer in AI, Virtual/ Augmented Reality, Fintech, IOT and Wearable Tech, Big Data and Analytics.

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One Comment on “Best advice: be that rebel”

  1. February 27, 2013 at 6:38 am #

    I love that Theo. The World could use a lot more of a ruckus!

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