Holy shift, Batman: Marketing becomes one-to-one


Our parents’ marketing was a one to many game involving segmentation and messages. Better segmentation and better messages were the constant goal. Forget that. It all just changed.

Marketing going one-to-one

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a significant shift in how, where and when consumers buy combined with an ability to know exactly what that customer is doing in the moment (and maybe thinking).

This shift has completely upset the applecart and is changing business process, customer relationship management and marketing at the same time. It is so new it hasn’t settled on a name and is called real-time interaction management, customer experience management, digital customer experience, or a host of others.

Just pick one and move on. The name doesn’t matter.

At its root, it comes down to being able to analyze, understand, predict and act on opportunities to engage with customers. so suddenly, engaging on a one-t0-one basis involves technology that covers the enterprise stack. It involves integrating silo’d data from CRM, logistics, inventory and other systems in a way that blends historical data and preferences with in-the-moment data as data streams from mobile and social apps allow us to ‘see’ our customers. Seeing the customer then allows for the complex interaction in real-time that only business process management can deal with.

Not about discounts

Engaging isn’t necessarily a discount, either. Customers won’t become fans simply by giving them offers and trying to sell them something. Powerful engagement, the kind that makes real fans, comes in many forms that include social interaction, loyalty rewards, exclusive content, perhaps gamification (more likely ‘game mechanics’), but certainly interaction wherever and whenever the customer chooses. Not only does this involve many different technologies, but it also touches enough disciplines and parts of the organization that marketing now qualifies as an enterprise game.

Enterprise level

If today’s marketing is truly enterprise level (and it is, trust me) that means the way to approach turning customers into fans has to be worthy of  the scope of enterprise. As said above, It has to serve historical questions as well as the data streams that are happening in real time. It also needs to face the organization as well as the customer’s data needs at the same time.

This is why turning customers into fans can’t be solved by a simple point application or offer engine. It takes, to borrow a phrase, a village of integrated data combined with the ability to serve a variety of platforms. More than anything, it has to be responsive to a customer that is undergoing change at least as quickly as technology. Marketing is now enterprise software that interacts one-to-one with the customers.

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An excerpt of this article first appeared on The TIBCO Blog and has been lightly edited.


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