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Pounding the table

Customers want an experience retailers aren’t delivering

The public wants both a seamless shopping experience across any retail channel (mobile, online, in store) and is happy to research online (AKA ‘webrooming’) and buy from a brick and mortar store. These were two of the strongest conclusions in the Seamless Retail Research released by Accenture on April 15th. This isn’t a shocker for […]

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arm wrestling

Big data means everything and nothing (it depends who you ask)

It seems big data means something different to everyone. In the great debate/hype about big data, there’s no lack of opinion on the topic and it seems to mostly depend on an individual’s product, skill set and business challenges. This ambiguity shares a great deal of the blame for why the term is often polarizing […]

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Greyhounds racing

Chasing the technology rabbit

A few months back we decided to try out Amazon Prime just to test out alternatives to Netflix. What we didn’t expect to have and now depend on is the value of getting our shopping done online, without walking through aisles of things we don’t need, and getting the merchandise the next day (most of […]

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Cliff Walk

Cloud makes anyone and everyone a robber baron

Larry Ellison declared famously in 2009 that, “All that cloud is is computers in a network.” He also used the words “fad”, “nonsense” and “gibberish” on the record when dismissing cloud. But times change and so has Larry’s opinion. Even cloud’s most vocal opponents are starting to realize that cloud computing offers something entirely new: […]

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Gene Kim

Your organization doesn’t need to be at war with itself

Author Gene Kim has a lot to say about the DevOps Movement. He recently published The Phoenix Project as his treatise on exactly how technology organizations can speed development in a way that meets the business needs without all of the infighting and without ignoring stability, reliability and security. Anyone who’s been in technology knows […]

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Customer Funnel

Google and the art of nudging your customers into a purchase

There’s nearly unanimous belief that email blasts and other one-way messages are becoming less and less effective. What’s less clear is how to manage the customer path to purchase with a serious of nudges. It all makes sense, right? We approach customers from a combination of directions and with a combination of messages, but where […]

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Dark Art

Management, dark art, and disguises

Management is a tough job, done well. There is an enormous difference between an employee and a manager, besides the obvious difference in pay grade and power. An employee is someone who works to provide value to the company and has the company’s interest in mind, first and foremost. A manager has to innovate and […]

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network security - locked

Information security avoids avoiding the avoidable…what the what?

The following is a guest post by Chima Njaka. This week TIBCO LogLogic has been taking part at InfoSec Europe, the largest Information Security Event in Europe.  According to initial reports, there are over 17,000 registrants at this year’s event.  We are at booth F50 and we hope to see you there. One of the […]

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Mind The Gap

The widening gap of loyalty programs

Travel and other loyalty programs are going through challenging times. Programs that floated along for decades, blissfully counting up points based on spend, transactions, nights or miles are suddenly finding themselves in an increasingly mobile, connected world that allows for something more. The problem isn’t that traditional loyalty programs haven’t answered the call. The real […]

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Understanding customers Is everyone’s job

Going to market effectively these days, no matter what business you’re in, means relating to customers as individuals — even if there are millions of them. In a previous post, I described how U.K. retailer Tesco built detailed profiles of customers and then used these insights and a flexible supply chain to customize their products and […]

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Twitter shows us the good and bad of crowdsourcing the news

If you were glued to your Twitter updates last Monday through Friday, you were probably more aware of what was happening in Boston than most law enforcement on the scene and certainly more than CNN. The bombings on Boylston Street didn’t come to us first from a traditional news channel, but were instead instantly evident […]

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API companies are hot properties

Just today CA Technologies announced that it acquired Layer 7, an API management company, making Layer 7 the second acquisition this week after Intel bought Mashery. For those not familiar, API stands for application programming interface and describes the interfaces used by software components to communicate with each other. For software companies, an API is […]

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Waiting in Line

Is there something wrong with the unemployed?

In an article in today’s Washington Post, it was reported that your odds of getting a call back for a job interview are much lower if you’ve been unemployed for 6 months or more. There could be several reasons for this that the article covers, including perceptions that long-term unemployed: Have outdated skills May take […]

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Will anyone remember a classroom in 10 years?

First, ask yourself, “What is the purpose of an education system?” If your answer is, “To provide the structure for training people in subjects that align with their skills needs”, you’d be thinking in the pre-disruption way. You’d be thinking of people as products, fed information in a proscribed manner, in a structured setting and […]

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Copyright symbol

How safe is your intellectual property from theft?

The following is a guest post by Lilian Sohn. Most companies don’t give this topic the required attention. Start-up entrepreneurs and successful business leaders are often too caught up in their day-to-day tasks to take a step back and look at important, strategic decisions that could prove vital for their company, such as ways to […]

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benchmarking, vendor, partner, data, metrics

Using Benchmarking Vendors (Part 2 of 2)

In part 1, of this benchmarking series, I covered a few of the instances where you might want to engage a benchmarking vendor to assist you with your projects. In this installment, I outline my recommendations around what to do when you find a vendor (or short list of vendors) that you might want to […]

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