Cloud Connect 2013 takeaway: Integration is key to a maturing cloud

The following is a guest post by Frank Quinard.

TakeawaySpending time at Cloud Connect today in Santa Clara, the overwhelming impression I took away was how mature the cloud market has become over the past couple of years. Just recently, many cloud offerings consisted of one type of service that was typically based around an application running in the cloud (SaaS), sometimes a simple integration as a service (IaaS) and just a few were public platform as a service (PaaS).

What’s clear from today’s sessions was how diverse offerings are now standard, consisting of public, private, or hybrid, but also virtual or ‘bare metal’ offerings. Equally clear was how much cloud now involves integration with 3rd party tools, either around the development life cycle: source repositories, issue trackers, unit testing frameworks, but also around management, continuous deployment, security and identity management. These are all components of real system development that was until recently the realm of on-premise software.

The second standout trend is what I’ll call ‘everything mobile’ that extends to packaged, deployable apps stores for the enterprise. Mobile was everywhere.

Complex and not

Even though the cloud is getting more complex, it is at the same time getting easier to use and interact with. Cloud reaches far more people today, which eases the work for developers, the operations team (unless the organization is ‘no-ops’ play), and the architect because it enables standardized development workflow.

This decoupling of the platform from the development workflow and applications has a big impact on the market for software as it enables platform changes to happen without impacting everything running in the cloud environment.


These observations were a leadup up  to my key takeaway: There is a powerful need to build for ubiquitous integration in your cloud service from day one. Integration in the end, is a key building block of an open cloud, not something you can afford to do as an afterthought. From my own experience, everyone’s cloud service is different and what’s a critical integration today may not be right for tomorrow.

I have to say Cloud Connect was an excellent chance to see the latest developments without having to wade through the usual vendor spin.

frank quinardFrank Quinard is a Senior Technical Lead for the TIBCO DataSynapse group and has been focused on cloud offerings for the past 8 years. Frank architects private and public cloud offerings running on tens of thousands of processing cores. 



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