Porsche teaches us how to market: 50 years of the Porsche 911

Porsche 911 50 years

The following is a guest post by Lilian Sohn.

This year, Porsche is celebrating a special anniversary: 50 years of the Porsche 911, its first prestige car model launched back in 1963. And with this, the company is going out of its way to further promote the popular 911, creating contests on social media, giving away exclusive prizes and applying the most effective digital marketing techniques to let the luxury car brand (again) go viral.

Especially for the 911’s anniversary, a microsite has been launched in several languages, offering sports car enthusiasts an overview of the several 911 generations and how the famous F-Model that had been introduced for the very first time at the Frankfurt IAA Motor Show in 1963, evolved with its drivers’ lifestyle over time.

With very retro-looking pictures showing the last few decades’ Porsche models, surroundings and fashion styles, accompanied by driving experience videos of each era with its corresponding background music, the company is literally guiding the user through every stage of its masterpiece’s timeline, reminding of that very same lifestyle feeling that accompanied each period.

Together with the timeline, a photo contest has been created, inviting Porsche fans all around the world to share their favourite pictures of their beloved 911 on Instagram, FlickR or Twitter with a specified hash tag. Like this, not only will the update show up in their connections’ newsfeeds, making it extremely viral – the photos will also be published on Porsche’s microsite and very likely be shared again by participants. The contest’s prize: an exclusive photo shooting with the motoring company itself.

To create even more buzz on social networks, Porsche has recently announced their “round the globe” tour on Facebook. To celebrate the 911’s anniversary, an original 911 car model is being sent around the world – uploading photos of the most spectacular cities and landscapes, with the antique original Porsche model always in front of the most magnificent monuments – an extremely engaging idea which has managed to attract thousands of followers.

With the 911 being at the centre of this digital campaign, the company is also making an effort to promote their approved Porsche repair centres who provide maintenance, restoration, genuine parts, repainting and make sure the original models are still on the road today.

And for the ultimate Porsche feeling outside the real driving experience: compelling videos and wallpapers can be downloaded for free. To always accompany Porsche’s evangelists or, ideally: create even more.

Lilian SohnLilian is a passionate digital marketer creating multilingual online marketing campaigns for clients in the UK, Italy and Germany.

She has worked for large multinational IT companies, giving her an insight into business process management, team building and HR practices in larger corporations.

Currently Lilian is studying with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and providing SEO services for companies in the healthcare, fashion and other industries. Lilian lives in Parma, Italy.



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One Comment on “Porsche teaches us how to market: 50 years of the Porsche 911”

  1. April 18, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    There are some different dynamics going on with Porsche. Being an owner myself, I will tell you it is cult like. The supply is limited allowing them to keep new and used prices high. And, since the style has remained similar most people can’t tell you the model year. It is a true high performance sports car. I think Porsche has to be careful not to screw it up…

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