“Come here free sexe inside”

German BunkerDoes your marketing message align with your product and is it delivered in the right voice and best medium? Is your team creative and enthusiastic? All too often, great products are limited by poor choices in marketing.

We walked the cliffs of Belle-île-en-Mer, France today and took in sights that had great parallels to product marketing.

“Come here free sexe inside”

This is the jarring message spray painted on the side of the German World War II bunker high on the cliff at Aiguilles de Port Coton on Belle-île-en-Mer, off the French Coast of Brittany. Even more ironic is the existence of a graffiti-covered Nazi blockhouse in such a strikingly beautiful place, made famous by Monet’s 1886 paintings of the Aiguilles (needles) de Port-Coton.

Even before the rustic paint job, the gorgeous rocky coast that inspired Monet was just another place to build the Atlantic Wall for the Germans, and they poured cement on the cliffs without regard for the remarkable interaction between sea and rock happening below.

Pouring cement

German Blockhouse Belle-île-en-MerHow often does marketing effectively do the same thing…utilitarian work done by harried staff who don’t fully appreciate the product’s beauty and form. Pouring cement instead of using real creativity is just as unattractive and is ultimately very ineffective. Poor marketing isn’t benign…it wastes valuable resources and has negative impacts.

Monet, on the other hand, created multiple masterpieces from the same cliffs, managing to creatively draw out the tension of the sea against the majestic and enduring spires and pyramids of black rock. We stood in the same spot today and enjoyed his impression as much as the actual rock and sea before us.

Low definition

And Monet did his work without a high definition camera that could capture and replay the smallest detail. Instead, he painted in the impressionist style, capturing the mood and motion and in what could only be called very low resolution. He saw into his subjects and created evocative images.

He was a master marketer. We could learn from him.

Aiguilles de Port-Coton


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