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CMO's weapons

Big data is just one of the CMO’s weapons

Big Data is only part of the CMO’s new armoury. It’s what you do with that information next that has the biggest impact on the entire customer experience. This is no longer your grandfather’s marketing campaign story. In order to understand customers better the data collected has to be put into context against their behaviour […]

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Sales Outreach

Can predictive analytics and Big Data help salespeople improve outreach?

While doing my morning reading, I came across Jeanne Roué-Taylor’s article, What good is marketing insight without action? In the article, Jeanne notes that, “A great model brings together data from several sources, feeds analytics, makes predictions, enables test-and-learn scenarios, and allows the organization to adapt as data, channels, and other factors change over time. […]

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What good is marketing insight without action?

The enormous amount of ink being spilled around Big Data often includes the phrase “amazing insights.” At the same time, there’s plenty being said about the need to know and respond to your customers in the timeframes that matter, aka customer loyalty management (CLM). While these ideas seem intuitive, too often, the ways we gain […]

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IT is eating corporate strategy

IT has never been a bigger part of what a company does to compete. That doesn’t necessarily mean the IT department…but your information technology, no matter how it gets delivered and by whom. Driven by social, mobile, big data, and whatever comes next, IT is more core than ever. Will that continue? In order to […]

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Big data and operations

Grown up Big Data supports operational technology

In his summary for a report out last week, Gartner’s Doug Laney confirmed what some have been saying about making Big Data a part of more than simply research: Interlacing operational technology and “big data” initiatives can generate lucrative supplemental benefits. Information strategists should plan to use OT-generated data to bolster analytics and exploit big […]

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Connection is the new currency

A coworker shared a LinkedIn function a while back that creates a graphical map of your contacts.  I created my own and marveled at the pretty colors and curving lines.  Other than looking like a new and highly personal art form, what did it mean? Truth be told, I’m still not entirely sure.  Yet I keep […]

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Peas in a pod picture

The threat of pregnancy makes women cheaper

I’m a woman and I had a baby six months ago. It was and is a fantastic experience, but I find myself thinking about how that affects my employment and how much a company is willing to invest in me. It brings me to the Big Question: are women paid less because they can get […]

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The intersection of Big Data and loyalty

It would be hard to overstate the level of attention being given to Big Data over the last several years. Is it really what The Economist calls a “data deluge,” and is Popular Science accurate when they say, “Data is Power”? It would be completely understandable to be cynical of the hype driven by analysts, journalists, and a myriad […]

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Lookout PowerPoint, Bunkr just disrupted presentation

If you missed it, a small French (Yay, France!) software company, Bunkr, just showed us how perhaps the most venerable tool in everyone’s tool chest will be disrupted. You’ll need to go look at it, but before you do, consider these things: The world is moving to rich, visual content, from many sources Bullet points […]

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Curing cancer with data visualization

The following is a guest blog by Jesse Paquette. Everyone thought that The Netherlands Cancer Institute’s 12 year old dataset on breast cancer was old news. That was until a researcher with Merck & Co, Pek Lum, analyzed and visualized the dataset with the use of topological data analysis (TDA) and advanced machine learning technology. Her analysis […]

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What does “the customer’s in charge” really mean?

We hear those words constantly in conversations about customer engagement. There’s a broad perception that changes in technology, and buying patterns have upset any previous balance in brand loyalty. Nowhere is this greater than in retail loyalty marketing, where an explosion of mobility and the growth of social media have blown away any short-lived loyalty […]

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Mobile Data Visualization

Can data visualization happen on a smartphone?

Not only is the answer “yes,” the need to visualize data on mobile devices is increasing very rapidly. I’m not talking about iPads and other larger-than-smartphone screens, I mean visualizing on the iPhone and its equivalents…a very small screen with very little space for numbers. Simple data visualization This is where visualization takes on new […]

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Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.24.10 PM

Simplifying big data with great visualization

Data visualization has an amazing ability to make the complex simple, and the latest tools can do much more than give everyone the same view of data. It’s only through visualization that we can take something as abstract as symbols and turn it into a physical image that has dimensions that our eyes can quickly […]

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world map

When everyone sees the same data the same way – Visualization Week on SuccessfulWorkplace

This week will be dedicated to how visualization is used as a way to form an image of data that would be otherwise lost in the numbers. Visualization is an extremely powerful tool for data scientists and business users and the marketplace has been very kind to the products that make visualization possible. It was […]

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breakthrough in banking

Are retail banks on course for an omni-channel revolution?

The following is a guest post by Sandesh Sharanappa. The banking industry is poised for a sea change as a result of the changing global and national regulations, demanding customers, disruptive technologies and the arrival of non-traditional players offering retail banking services. The industry faces a challenge in providing seamless customer experience, becoming truly customer […]

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At the peak of the hype cycle

Gartner updates its view on Big Data’s hype

Just a couple of months ago, Wired featured a piece where I asked, “Is Big Data in the trough of disillusionment?” It was a very fair question…there has been so much positive said about Big Data that it would be hard (or impossible) to maintain the expectations being set. To get Gartner’s July 31st update’s […]

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