Advanced analytics doesn’t have to be so hard

Advanced analyticsBruno Aziza describes himself as a “data geek.” From his roles with Microsoft and BusinessObjects/SAP to SiSense, he has been on a mission to bring advanced analytics to the business user for over a decade. We first met Bruno when he spoke at Interop’s Big Data Workshop in Las Vegas last May and shared thoughts on Big Data and the tremendous change taking place in the workplace and the world. You can find that interview here.

Catching up

We caught up with him for breakfast this week near SFO to talk about his new VP of Marketing role at Alpine Data Labs, which was just announced today (follow link to press release). Bruno’s a passionate guy and we had to ask him why he was changing companies. He gave us the following:

I didn’t need to leave SiSense…everything was going great there and I’m still an advisor and investor in the company. When Joe Otto, the CEO of Alpine Data Labs reached out to me with the opportunity to disrupt the advanced analytics space, I couldn’t resist. The things we think are so hard, like predictive analytics, simulation, and optimization aren’t really that hard using software. When I looked at the Alpine Data Labs plan, I realized that they weren’t building for the data scientist only. Data scientists are the top of the pyramid of analytics skills and in very limited supply.

Bruno went on to say that as a marketer who is really more of a product guy, he saw these three things in Alpine Data Labs:

  • Math not the code: Looking at the world of advanced analytics up until now, it is highly scripted. Organizations need people who know a script from a vendor or to write code. Even in the latest iterations of most products, it is still about code. Alpine Data Labs doesn’t require code. It is drag and drop, letting the user focus on the math, not the code.
  • Start now: The Alpine Data Labs native connection to Hadoop uses the computing power of the existing data environment. This is a disruptor because most advanced analytics applications require a special environment like a data warehouse. Users can get started right away and use existing computing resources.
  • Web-based environment: The majority of advanced analytics solutions require a desktop application. That means whatever has been installed has a physical location that’s isolated from other resources. Collaboration is hard and the work becomes very solitary.

In Bruno’s view, the marketer needs to know what factors made a campaign work as much as the sales rep needs to know what made a deal close faster. Putting this understanding in the hands of a few data scientists in most organizations keeps it from having the value that it should in the timeframe that matters. Even though today is his first day, he’s clearly already fully immersed in his new role.

With a great role in company focused on an area of very strong need, Bruno has a great opportunity in front of him and we know he’ll do very well. You can hear Bruno speak live and in person at Interop New York next week in New York City (see the link below).

As part of his new role, Bruno will be bringing us Wednesdays with Will, a one hour free session each week on advanced analytics for Hadoop and big data. Will Ford, the lead data scientist for Alpine Data Labs will answer questions on Big Data and advanced analytics. Follow the link to sign up. 


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Author:Jeanne Roué-Taylor

I'm fascinated by disruptive technology and its impact on our world. I manage sales operations for an excellent startup with a unique team of highly experienced data scientists.

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