Big Data’s dark corners

alley-in-the-darkFabless Labs CEO Piyush Govil isn’t the loudest voice in the room but is often the smartest when it comes to Big Data. His work with VinSpin, an app that provides a new way to choose wine, was written up last year in the Harvard Business Review as an example of bringing Big Data to the consumer and the smaller enterprise. WIth a background in mathematical optimization, predictive modeling and a host of other disciplines, few people bring a broader set of experience than he does.

More recently, Piyush has been busy building his company’s size and expertise and providing consulting services to several of the well-known software companies looking to build out their Big Data offerings. As much as everyone wants to claim a slice of the much-talked-about Big Data pie, the reality is that many of the players (names you know well) are scrambling to catch up to the few giants like Yahoo, Google and Facebook that build their capabilities in house and the boutique consulting firms that are deep in data science skills and trying hard to scale quickly.

Piyush will tell you that the landscape resembles more the Wild West than any pastoral scene.

The dark corners of Big Data

Piyush GovilPiyush knows Big Data’s lesser-known secrets and is very pragmatic about how to approach the requirements,  organizational, and operational challenges that having so much data brings. He is quick to share great insights into buying versus building and how and where to use open source. I caught up with him today to talk about his speaking role at Interop next week in New York.

If there’s one thing that’s becoming increasingly clear, it’s that there’s a fundamental choice every organization faces when considering how to gain value from Big Data. Most tools are targeted to developers and accessing data is harder than people expect. Development cycles are still longer than most organizations think. Data refreshes are critical but also take time and lastly, data is often not clean and ready to be factored. Each organization that I work with needs to decide for themselves how much they can bite off and how much they need to rely on partners to get over these hurdles that few are talking about but everyone is experiencing.

Come see Piyush speak on the Big Data ecosystem next week at Interop in New York City. He’ll be available for discussions off the stage and has fantastic experience in Big Data solutions.


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2 Comments on “Big Data’s dark corners”

  1. September 26, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    That’s a scary street corner.


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