3 reasons Google Glass is inevitable

watch-snl-roast-google-glass-in-last-nights-weekend-update-segmentEven when Google Glass was  only a rumor, there were questions about whether it was a glimpse of the future or just a gimmick. It was enough of a question that it made the Weekend Update on Saturday Night LIve as the cast ridiculed the device (it was very, very funny). It was clear that it would take examples of Google Glass in action before the skeptics were silenced.

We just might have that example…GigaOM today published a piece on a Google Glass healthcare proof of concept created by Accenture and Phillips (video below). The GigaOM piece points out that we shouldn’t expect to see our doctors with Google Glass in the near future, but it seems clear that this is a where the world is going.

Google Glass is inevitable

There are three reasons why Google Glass is inevitable:

  • Expectations – We’ve come to expect information anywhere, anytime, and the form factor of our pocket isn’t convenient in many circumstances, especially at work.
  • Just the right information – As data volumes continue to grow, the amount of data that we need to see actually shrinks. That seems counterintuitive, but powerful analytics are helping us to find the factors that matter most rather than asking humans to scan large amounts of information to glean important data. Often, the more data we have, the more we can narrow down what truly matters.
  • Downsized electronics – We’re moving more data more rapidly than ever before through things that are getting very small. It’s only logical that we’d put what matters most in the place where we can digest and use it immediately…continually in front of our eyes.

The applications of this technology are literally endless. It’s only a matter of time before “line of sight” becomes the primary place for everything we care most about.


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