Welcome to Civilization 3.0 – TUCON 2013

TIBCO kicked off TUCON 2013 this morning with CEO Vivek Ranadive starting the conversation. He spoke about how the 21st Century is a time of unprecedented change. And much like the 20th Century,which started in 1908 with the automobile and then brought highways and the century of the auto, the 21st Century started late:

I think that the 21st Century was a little bit behind schedule and started in 2010 when you saw significant crossover points: more cell phones than land lines, more laptops than desktops, more debit cards than credit cards and more girls in college than boys.

Vivek on stageWhat does this means for the rest of us? Vivek calls it Civilization 3.0. If 1.0 was the Age of Artisan, Civilization 2.0 was the Age of the Corporation, a human construct that organized people and systems for efficiency. Civilization 3.0, a  is a world using platforms that allow us to reach tens of millions of people and more.

Vivek pointed out that we’re already in a place where the world’s largest taxi cab company has no cars and the world’s largest music company has no stores. This makes it only a matter of time before the world’s largest college has no campus. Civilization 3.0 is a brand age where the first-class citizens are today’s children, who will never install a landline telephone and will time shift and device shift without a second thought.

TUCON 2013 is officially underway. Follow the thoughts on Twitter at #TUCON2013.


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Author:Chris Taylor

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