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One man’s trash is another man’s big data

In 2012 the Senseable City Lab, part of MIT, conducted an experiment called Trash Track to see just what happens when someone takes out the trash. By attaching transmitters to over 3,000 pieces of rubbish they were able to track where that item went, whether they went to the correct recycling facility or not, and how far […]

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Where process isn’t a dirty word

I recently attended the Criminal Justice Management event in London and presented a panel discussion on the topic of process efficiency within UK government. The event schedule was quite varied, with subjects on Intelligence Led Policing, Enabling Communication through Interpretation and Translation Services, Improving Performance Management and Boosting Workforce Capability and powered by both process […]

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CMO's weapons

Big data is just one of the CMO’s weapons

Big Data is only part of the CMO’s new armoury. It’s what you do with that information next that has the biggest impact on the entire customer experience. This is no longer your grandfather’s marketing campaign story. In order to understand customers better the data collected has to be put into context against their behaviour […]

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Marketing and the rise of the evangelist

Have you ever had to explain your job to your parents? That’s the ultimate acid test to see whether anyone understands what you do and I faced that last week when I announced to them my new role as Chief Evangelist of a leading enterprise software company. But as I explained what the title meant it began […]

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Media and journalism even more disrupted by technology

GigaOM and The Guardian co-hosted a small event in London to talk about the role and impact of technology on media and journalism last night. Katie Fehrenbacher (Senior Editor) and Paul Walborsky (CEO) of GigaOM met with Tanya Cordrey (Chief Digital Officer) of The Guardian and discussed how the different trends affected how their operating […]

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The next iPhone is actually already here

Do you remember the concepts mooted when the original iPhone rumor first surfaced? And do you remember seeing the iPhone for the first time and laughing at the pictures splashed all over the magazines a week before launch of a white phone with a jog-wheel ? It’s happening again, only this time with the iWatch. Over at Mashable they have […]

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door locked

5 things you don’t know about your customer

This is a guest post by Lisa Arthur. I saw a statistic in Direct Marketing News recently that depressed me. According to a recent survey, fewer than one in five Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) think they are any good at Digital Marketing. A full 60 percent of them will be hiring or changing marketing agencies […]

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Social Fail

Ouch, I think I just broke my social media

Believe it or not, we’re now a decade into the concept of mainstream social media. It was May 2003 when LinkedIn first hit the Web and it was only 2004 when Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. It was only seven years ago, 2007 to be exact, when Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet from […]

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Analytics crash and burn

Analytics need for speed can cause you to crash and burn

If you’ve missed it, analytics have been undergoing a shift for the last several years. Where before data was collated, cataloged and mined today it’s reacted upon in some sectors in real-time and in-stream. Technology is allowing us to harness big data and understand it in milliseconds but will this quest for speed be your […]

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Big Data and analytics as both hero and villain

As the NSA PRISM debacle continues to unfold and spreads across continents it’s probably good to stop and think about the technology and philosophy behind it all. Because this is big data and analytics in its most potent and controversial form and it’s certainly not the last time we’ll see this hit the headlines. The […]

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Why we love building lists and why an influencer list matters

This is a guest post by Toby Beresford, Founder and CEO of Leaderboarded. We all love Top 20 lists and I know why.   In an information overloaded world a format that clearly states the order of importance is valuable. It’s a ready made short-cut to decide how to spend finite resources of time and money. […]

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Shifting sands — BPM’s business outcome versus its sales pitch

Over the years a constant theme is that the ROI of a BPMS implementation or BPM approach is one of the trickiest to pin down and prove. Whilst you can calculate hard efficiency and headcount benefits (which is always the wrong way to solely measure and plan for BPM success) there are a myriad of intangible benefits […]

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Big Data: the shift from ocean to stream will hit you like a tsunami

So the fabled Mary Meeker powerpoint tome hit the internet at the D11 conference this week and if you have the patience to wade through the stats the messages are pretty clear: it’s a wearable, shareable future for mankind. But there’s a shift in how people are willing to share now. Share it. Delete it. […]

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Gold Rush

Cloudy with a chance of integration: The Great iPaaS Gold Rush is on

I was recently with a client who is looking for a new BPM solution and they have a very positive outlook towards Cloud. They love it, so much so that they weren’t interested in on-premise solutions. This represents a real shift in attitude, and the company is no slouch or tadpole in size either. And […]

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How safe is your intellectual property from theft?

The following is a guest post by Lilian Sohn. Most companies don’t give this topic the required attention. Start-up entrepreneurs and successful business leaders are often too caught up in their day-to-day tasks to take a step back and look at important, strategic decisions that could prove vital for their company, such as ways to […]

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Porsche 911 50 years

Porsche teaches us how to market: 50 years of the Porsche 911

The following is a guest post by Lilian Sohn. This year, Porsche is celebrating a special anniversary: 50 years of the Porsche 911, its first prestige car model launched back in 1963. And with this, the company is going out of its way to further promote the popular 911, creating contests on social media, giving […]

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