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Continuous improvement that actually works

Cloud technology continues to transform the way business is done. It has had an impact on the way software is bought and sold but also on the quality of software itself. A true cloud offering, as opposed to a hosted version of an on-premise solution, makes it easier than ever for software companies to focus […]

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The product roadmap is a work of fiction

As a Product Manager I always struggled with; maintaining the product roadmap and, in order to feed the roadmap, requirements gathering. I was constantly expected to present the roadmap to different groups within the organization like it was supposed to mean something. I could tell people what was going to be in the next release but why did they care […]

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Berlin Wall

Our Berlin Wall

It seems the consumerization of the enterprise is over. In this article Owen Thomas, reporting that oil giant Shell is to allow its 135,000 employees to bring their own devices, declares the debate over. For him, at least, it’s no longer an interesting discussion, “What’s next?” he aks. Well let’s just hold on a second. This […]

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In defense of email

While I’ve been an enthusiastic adopter of social platforms I’ve never once felt the need to ditch my old and trustworthy friend Mr. Email. Sure, I’ve been down on email before as I wrote here, but I’ve never called for its end as discussed on this article. The comments on that post highlight some […]

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