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Sales Outreach

Can predictive analytics and Big Data help salespeople improve outreach?

While doing my morning reading, I came across Jeanne Roué-Taylor’s article, What good is marketing insight without action? In the article, Jeanne notes that, “A great model brings together data from several sources, feeds analytics, makes predictions, enables test-and-learn scenarios, and allows the organization to adapt as data, channels, and other factors change over time. […]

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Losers cold call…cool people warm call

In this day and age, most unsolicited business calls go unanswered. Modern sales and marketing professionals are up against savvy buyers that are more empowered than ever by easy access to detailed product information on the Web. Everyone is connected to the latest information. And if buyers don’t want to hear from marketers, they have […]

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4 tips B2B marketers can borrow from the B2C world

The world of B2B marketing is colliding with the world of B2C marketing. That is, the lines between B2B and B2C are starting to blur. We’ve seen this happen in a variety of ways. For instance, B2C marketers were among the early adopters of social media and hit the ground running to connect with their […]

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5 things venture capitalists need in a marketing executive

Venture capitalists (VCs) are paying more attention to the structure of the marketing teams they invest. Why? Because marketing plays an increasingly influential role in the success of their portfolio companies.  To ensure that the marketing can garner the kind of leads that drive sales, they want to see a particular profile in a marketing […]

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Data Science

7 career secrets to success as a data scientist

Do a search for “data scientist” in a job search engine, and you’ll find the title is one of the hottest in IT today. With reporting 15000% growth for the role, is the sky the limit for these so-called data scientists? According to the Harvard Business Review–yes. Thomas Davenport and D.J. Patil deemed “data scientist” as […]

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Marketing owns telephone lead qualification

Marketing and Sales have long been at odds over whether it’s better to generate a large volume of leads or if it’s better to generate fewer, higher quality leads. Anyone involved in Sales or Marketing today, however, knows that the volume game is over. But the question still lingers: How do you get Marketing to […]

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PaaS for Manufacturing

The exciting future of Platform as a Service

Although Cloud computing is just starting to make its way into the manufacturing industry, Cloud development platforms — or platforms as a service (PaaS) — hold great potential for the future of manufacturing software. PaaS has the potential to open up new opportunities for manufacturers by allowing them to access more powerful and customized systems […]

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Social Media in the workplace -- Relevant?

Is the social enterprise relevant to you?

Last week, I listened to SAP’s weekly radio program, In the Cloud with Game-Changers, and the topic was the social enterprise. The program featured a panel of the following very talented social business experts: Brent Leary, Partner at CRM Essentials Sameer Patel, Global VP of Enterprise Social Software at SAP Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Social Media […]

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