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Got a goal? Live it every day

I just completed one of the most inspiring runs of my life. Not fast.  Not far.  But it left me with a lesson I’ll carry forever. So how does this relate to business?  We’ll get there.  Just stick with me… Running with a purpose This morning I shared a pre-dawn jog with Kathy DeFrancisco on […]

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Always be ready

“Always be ready” Business lessons from a rock star

I’ve long maintained that the business world can learn a lot from the arts community.  Here’s another example. Great Big Sea is a band from St. John’s, Newfoundland, that blends traditional Newfoundland folk music with pop/rock.  This year, they’re celebrating their 20th year in the music business.  In that time, they’ve grown from playing the […]

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Elevator Up Button

Get your elevator pitch off the ground floor

You know the drill… You’ve got an executive’s undivided attention for the length of an elevator ride. What can you say in that 60 seconds that will spark interest, provide enough detail to show credibility, and land a follow-up meeting? I recently attended an enlightening presentation by Rick Coplin and Greg Pugh of the TechColumbus business incubator on […]

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Retool for your new model year

My mother is getting her knees replaced this week. Both of ‘em. She and my father are true globetrotters. They’ve hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, boated in the Amazon Basin, visited a Mount Everest base camp, and spanned latitudes from the Svalbard Islands to Tierra del Fuego. It’s not often that a son […]

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The end in mind

Best advice: start with the end in mind

LinkedIn is running another INfluencer series called “Best Advice I ever received” so here at SuccessfulWorkplace we’re doing the same. Early in my career, when I was a Business Analyst leading software implementation projects, a manager told me: “Start with the end in mind.” What she meant was, think about how you want the system […]

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Columbus Ohio

Maybe Dublin is the best place to start a business

I may just have seen the next breakthrough technology company in its infancy. Yesterday, I spent the morning taking a behind the scenes tour of the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus.  The DEC is home to 80 aspiring start-up companies focused in the fields of Technology, Green, and International business. […]

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Bottle Cap

Your old job is a good place to be FROM

This post was inspired by the article “You want to be fired from your job this year” that appeared on Successful Workplace on Monday. Having been through a ‘job transition’ several years ago, I wanted to share a few lessons that got me through a tough time, and doubtless will come in handy in the future. Your […]

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Flip a Coin

Tough decision? Flip a coin

Sometimes we all have trouble making decisions – even the most simple ones.  But what if the decision you face involves a major life change: Should you quit your job? Should you get married / break up from a relationship? Which house should you buy? These are the kinds of decisions that can paralyze us […]

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Doug Office

Where I work: Best of both worlds

Following on from the LinkedIn INfluencer posts today we thought it would be interesting for the authors of Successful Workplace to share exactly the same, after all it’s not exclusive. So here goes; It’s no longer a 9-5 world, especially when you support a global organization and your team spans just about all of the […]

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It’s a social world: Cover your friends

The business world can learn a lot about promotion from the arts community. is a video blog website that features singer-songwriters playing songs written by their friends and fellow artists who inspire them.  It’s classic cross-promotion. The site was conceived and launched by Connor Garvey, a young performing songwriter from Portland, ME.  It started as […]

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Healthcare in critical condition without integration

Healthcare is in a moment of transformation that is coming at a bewildering pace for some and not soon enough for others. The most progressive healthcare organizations are implementing a new vision – using information and events occurring in the course of care to recognize trends and patterns, and to act upon them immediately.  They […]

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Healthcare is personal

When healthcare gets very personal

The following is a guest post by Doug Evans. Doug has years of experience leading marketing teams across diverse industries and especially in technology companies, including startups. He lives in Dublin, Ohio, where he also enjoys a hobby working in marketing and PR for the music industry. Just before the holidays, I went in for […]

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