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Golden State Warriors

Standing in the fire hose of data: drowning or refreshing?

Republished article on last year’s TUCON 2012 event. TUCON 2013 takes place October 14-17 at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas. Big Data is a great topic. Everyone recognizes the rise of the volumes of data being generated by individuals, systems and devices. There are some fabulous headline figures about data. It is the journalists’, […]

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quantum computer

Quarks and Cats – but is this really progress?

Recent events have me asking if we’re really all that better off with both our science and our technology. Before you jump on that statement, read on. My son. Max who is now 11, is into his science in a big way. Yes – he is a geek and he is proud of it. His […]

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Success and Failure

No business is too big to fail or too small to succeed – sobering stats on business failures

In a recent blog called Digital Disruption I talked about the issues that established companies have from start-ups unencumbered by assets, infrastructure and thinking that locks them in and prevents them from innovating. The ability to look at the current world through fresh eyes and identify the opportunities would seem to be perfect. Now is […]

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Just how clever are you?

Barcodes have been around for years, but something has changed. No longer are they lots of stripes but they are square and dotty and are called 2 Dimensional. There have been multiple competing formats and there are large companies trying to make their format the standard, with the inevitable lock-in. But there is a winner. The […]

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Daddy, are you still at work?

“Daddy, are you still at work?” A simple enough question.  My children understand that if I am in my office, or I walk into the house after a business trip and am on the phone that I may still be at work. Have you noticed that the term “I am at work” has become a meaningless […]

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Conflicting data or the data divide?

This week there have been two reports released. One from OfCom (Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries) which has reported that the UK’s mobile users are consuming more data on their phones and tablets than any other leading nation for the first time. A second from Office for National Statistics has […]

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Beautiful Christmas Tree

Why the COO hates Christmas

Following on from the recent blog Why the CIO hates Christmas.  So in the cheery spirit of Christmas, I thought I’d turn my attention to the COO or Operations Director: The one who keeps the wheels turning, no matter how much grit is thrown into the innermost workings. So why do COOs hate Christmas?  It […]

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How change makes monkeys of us all

Start with a cage containing five monkeys. In the cage, hang a banana on a string and put a set of stairs under it. Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the monkeys with cold water. […]

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Apple Christmas

Why the CIO hates Christmas

Bah humbug There are many reasons you could hate Christmas; the endless adverts for electronics, clothing and jewelry started in late October and every shop is playing Christmas carols nonstop. The Company Christmas Party which Jeremy Clarkson described as “It is the damp log in the fire, the mould on the smoked salmon, the advertisement in the […]

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The worldwide industry I work in speaks many languages. Unfortunately, one of them is technobabble. No escape I have just come back from Gartner Symposium in Barcelona where they had a large IT vendor exhibition alongside the seminar and analyst 1-on-1 program.  I spent some time talking to a number of the sales reps on […]

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Gartner ITxpo Barcelona 2012

Gartner says CEOs are asleep at the wheel

At the recent Gartner Summit they talked about the Nexus of Forces which are changing the face of business: “A Nexus of converging forces — social, mobile, cloud and information — is building upon and transforming user behavior while creating new business opportunities.” I covered this in more detail in a recent blog Gartner Nexus […]

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Gartner Nexus of Forces. Scarier than Halloween.

Scared. Threatened. Dragged out of your comfort zone. Struggling to make sense of the future. You should be. The opening keynote was inspiring, theatrical and terrifying in equal measure. The key theme for Gartner’s annual Symposium IT Expo in Orlando last week and this week in Barcelona for nearly 10,000 delegates was the Nexus of […]

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Leap of Faith

I was sitting with my two children watching the latest Harry Potter film and my mind began to wander. Maybe because I had lost track of the plot, the multiple characters or the bizarre twists of the storyline. Or maybe I was just marvelling at the animated effects. And I started to think about Harry […]

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In Social media, brains defeat budget, creativity trumps cash

There’s very good news on the social front for some companies…social media is unlocking the creativity of marketing. There are many great ways to place product, and below is a brilliant example. Coke is teamed up with the latest 007 Bond film, Skyfall.  They realize they need to get the public to be the stars […]

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Mickey Ward, Lewis Veader

Google learns a $15B lesson on mobile

Google hit the news last night for all the wrong reasons. Firstly when their printer inadvertently issued their Q3 results hours too early (when NASDAQ was still in session!). Secondly by issuing results that were well below expectations. But if you look behind the announcements you can see a more interesting trend. Mobile explosion Indeed, […]

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Psychopaths in the Boardroom (or Parliament)

Psychopaths lack empathy, are pathological liars, have an enormous sense of self-worth, are impulsive, irresponsible and won’t accept responsibility for their own actions. They make up 1% of the total population, 25% of the criminal population. But do you recognize the traits.  Perhaps in the upper reaches of your corporation or our Governments? The Psy-Fi […]

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