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Jack of Spades

The case for a BPM jack of all trades, master of…one…or two

When a good friend and I exchanged a few tweets back and forth the other day, it began like the usual exchange of views over some of those typical news items that the #bpm timeline throws up once in a frequent while. But the ‘twonversation’ with my twitter counterpart – a venerable thinker in technology, […]

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I am a weirdo. I don’t belong here.

…that’s right. I don’t belong here. In fact, what the hell am I doing here? Before you jump to the wrong conclusions, those aren’t my words. You’ll know whose words they are in just a minute. But before that, I want to spend a moment to talk about something that seems to be (but probably […]

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Kicking the bucket

Is it even possible to design intelligent process?

Earlier today, I read something that made me snort on my afternoon coffee. Not just because it was funny, but because, to me it had some additional insight that I thought was worth sharing with you, especially when you think about Intelligent Processes and how they can be crafted for a BPM initiative. Here it […]

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Expecting big change with new technologies? Good luck waiting.

Change has always been one of the most important wheels driving the IT industry. IT product vendors, systems integrators, technology vendors, a plethora of consulting service providers –- all partner with customers to engineer, deliver and enable change in some form or the other. At the same time, even as they facilitate change directly or […]

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Sales Process

Your prospects don’t care about your sales process — maybe you shouldn’t either

One of my friends thinks ‘Sales’ is about talking. Another person I follow on Twitter thinks it is about ‘convincing’ the customer. I wince every time I hear someone characterize an engaging, fluent, fast talking, bloke as ‘sales material’. Sales, as you might agree(especially if you are in sales yourself), is really not any of […]

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If you’re a loser online…you’re just a loser

While writing a recommendation for a friend on LinkedIn earlier this week, I realized I was doing something that I couldn’t have imagined doing few years ago. You’re probably thinking, ‘Sure, it’s not like LinkedIn has been around forever’. But it wasn’t about LinkedIn. It was more about the recommendation itself. It was for someone […]

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Bisi Bele Hulianna

Bisi Bele Hulianna and process (hint: famous in Chennai)

One of the foundational keys to consistently achieve business  benefits – whether they are related to inward looking drivers (such as efficiency, costs,  etc.) or outward looking (such as customer orientation,  customer service quality,  customer satisfaction, etc.) is the process. So as evangelists of ‘process thinking’, we all believe strongly that getting the process right […]

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Security safe

Unlocking the advantages of BPM

Put the ‘BPM as a Concept’ aside for a bit and look at BPMs tech-related benefits. One of the things at the top of your list is likely to be how it is a Rapid Application Development platform and how it helps you quickly put together process based solutions with much less development effort than […]

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Roller Coaster

Great customer experiences are built on business process

The following is guest post by Julie Hunt, a software professional with a career spanning technical to process, sales and go-to-market strategies. Julie shares her thoughts on the her blog Highly Competitive. Julie runs her own consulting business and lives in San Marcos, Texas. For those who work directly with business process management, it’s second […]

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Exhibit, A Work In Progress

Before you spend your first dollar on social media marketing…

A year is a lot of time given the pace with which things are happening on Social Media. Yet, 2013 is likely to be the year when more organizations than ever in the past, got a sense of the great potential Social Media holds – both  in terms of establishing and fanning that powerful relationship […]

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Process comes before a smile in customer service

When we are at the receiving end of poor customer service, it unfailingly ticks us off. Being champions of process only makes it a little more painful because even while we go through a first-hand experience of poor customer service –- be it over the phone or a counter –-  we are also immediately able […]

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Playing to the gallery

Is your predictive analytics strategy “playing to the gallery”?

I have been managing a few personal blogs for close to a decade now. I have traffic monitoring tools and Google Analytics configured, but I don’t monitor or analyze stuff there often enough. My excuse, though bad, is that I blog as a hobby, not for any business benefit. Plus, I haven’t found the idea […]

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Mr Bean

Social Engagement Strategy: The Serious Business of Taking Things Lighter

Earlier this month, a Facebook user, Richard Neill put up a post that suddenly went viral. The post was a rant against Maxipad maker Bodyform alleging that they lied in their advertisements. Rather than just let it go and hope the 84,000 or so ‘likes’ would be forgotten with the next viral wave, Bodyform put up […]

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iPhone 5

Infuse, not garnish: Mobility is no longer a peripheral add-on.

It must have been around a decade ago when I first received a ‘text alert’ from a bank on my mobile phone. My bank had let me register my mobile phone number with them for this and once they activated it, I started receiving text alerts after every credit card transaction I made. Today, I […]

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The power You wield

It is impossible to miss. Over the past few decades, all the things that help one become professionally more efficient, more effective, have dramatically changed. From infrastructure to transport to communication to technology, things have only improved. Each of these today has altered our immediate professional context, opening the door to endless ways to be […]

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In services, the sale is only the beginning

The good salesperson is truly result-oriented. He doesn’t stop till he gets things done. So he fights a hard fight – though I am sure he would claim it was a ‘right fight’. He pushes and edges his way forward. He calls and counsels and goads. He knows when to sell hard. He knows when […]

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