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Stealing content

Makers and takers

These days, the Internet is divided between the makers and the takers. That is a bit loaded and a bit simplistic, but hear me out. I have felt this way from the beginning of the web era. Let’s start in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1996. My dear friend Justin and I had a loud argument in […]

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We live in the future

I am amazed every day by the technology around us.  My favorite way of expressing this is the phrase, “We live in the future”.  If you think about it for a moment, a simple thing like texting is mind-blowing: You can have a conversation with someone, any distance away, without actually saying a word. That’s […]

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Drum set

Habit forming

Ever dreamt an amazing invention or a catchy song?  You wake up with every intention of harnessing the idea — “OMG, it’s amazing” —  but you can’t find a pen or a piece of paper. Or your dog jumps on the bed so you just blindly start your routine and take her out for a […]

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Comment, like, share, post. Repeat.

I’m a content management expert, steeped in technology, and also a drummer in the band Mama’s Joy. In Los Angeles, this isn’t a rare combo. For the past few years, my friend Howard and I have been running a site called Thomas Hampton Reviews. We had different reasons for creating the site. Howard was encouraged […]

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