Kevin Bohan, @KevinBohan

Focus: Business to Business Technology, Security

A career spent on the cutting edge of technology and its integration with business process. Kevin is currently leads product marketing for B2B technologies at TIBCO. He is the former SVP Global Sales/Marketing with Proginet prior to its acquisition by TIBCO.

Kevin also served on the Board of Directors of OSINet Corporation, a non-profit standards based software association, and has served as Chairman of the North American Open System Implementers Workshop at the United Sates Institute of Standards and Technology.  His standards work included work on directory services as well as the File Transfer Access and Management (FTAM) standard.

Kevin loves American’s pastimes (baseball and football, of course). He also loves adventure and spending time with his family and lives in New York, New York.

Denise C. Duncan, @KoolLegged

Focus: Technology and Creativity

At CrownPeak, Denise thinks about how to make it easier to use their products by sharing expertise and creating community. Denise writes about the intersection of creativity and technology, an exciting place for a musician and web content maven.

As a drummer, she keeps it together so her 10 piece band can ride any idea out.

Denise lives in the world’s creative capital of Los Angeles.

DougEvansDoug Evans, @DougEvans123

Focus: Marketing and Enterprise Social

Doug Evans is an accomplished marketing leader with wide-ranging experience in diverse business environments including non-profit, small private business, major national bank, and Silicon Valley software company.  He has a knack for bringing together teams from across geography and organizational lines.

He keeps active by playing and coaching soccer, and is also Marketing/PR Director for an acoustic music concert series in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Ian Gotts, @IanGotts

Focus: Social Media

VP TIBCO, thinker, speaker, tech evangelist. Ian’s first book “Common Approach, Uncommon Results” explains what really makes a difference when driving business transformation programs. Since then he has written 6 books. He is currently writing a book which helps companies implement social applications inside their organizations.

Ian is a serial entrepreneur having founded and invested in technology start-ups and he sat on the Microsoft SaaS Partner Advisory Council. He was recently identified as one of the Top 50 Influencers in Case Management, and is a regular conference speaker who entertains and challenges his audiences.

He is a competitive dinghy sailor and sailed in the 1984 Olympic squad, and still represents Great Britain at international level.

KevinJordanHeadshotKevin Jordan, @KDJStanford

Focus: Customer success stories

Kevin graduated from Stanford in three years and is a contributing writer for The TIBCO Blog. Graduating from a engineering-focused university, Kevin quickly developed a passion for technology and its role in business. Still continuing some of his other creative ventures as well, he enjoys doing stand-up comedy and professional acting.

Appearing on the Disney Channel and performing on stages from Las Vegas to the Bahamas inspires him to continue entertaining through written word, on comedy club stages, and on television screens. Bridging his creative  ambitions and technical curiosity creates the balance he strives for.

Tom Molyneux, @Tommy_M

Focus: Business Process Management, Transformative Technology

A business process strategist with a focus on real-time business, Tom is a transformational change consultant for Nimbus, a TIBCO company. Tom has spent years in e-learning, finance and economics where he has held roles such as Chief Technology Officer, Chief Economist and Portfolio Director and Director. He loves to teach as much as he loves to ‘do’.

Tom lives in Newport Beach, California where he can hit the water every day as a surfer and kayaker.

Brad Power, @BradfordPower

Focus: Process Strategy 2.0 and Process Attention Deficit Disorder

Brad Power has consulted and conducted research on business process innovation for the last 30 years. In his latest consulting engagement, he worked with a hospital to launch improvement activities and build a culture of continuous improvement. And for the last three years he’s been researching how top management creates breakthrough business models through process innovation “Process Strategy 2.0”, building on work with the Lean Enterprise Institute and Hammer and Company. You can see some of his research insights in his blog posts at The Harvard Business Review at He’s interested in hearing stories of companies which embarked on a process improvement program and either kept going, or didn’t, and why.

Brad lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Theo Priestley, Editor @BPMRedux

Focus: Rattling the Cage, Influencing BPM space

Theo Priestley is a business consultant, industry analyst, startup advisor and writer. He writes high quality, high impact articles at high velocity and edits the popular BPM industry blog – ITredux (formerly BPMredux) – as well as writing and editing for SuccessfulWorkplace. He also contributes to Venturebeat, Techtarget’s ebizQ and ghost writes for company blogs.

He has written analysis and insight on the enterprise software and tech industry since 2007, advising the large and the small, from stealth startups to industry established vendors to introduce new ideas and connections, provide industry insight, foster analyst relations and guide product marketing direction for those who ask for it.

Theo made a name for himself with the publication of what has been described at “the seminal blog on the state of BPM” in 2010 (“What the F**k is BPM”) and was named in the Top 50 Influencers of 2012 for the Case Management industry.

Theo lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Derek Singleton, @ERPAdvice

Focus: Platform as a Service

Derek joined Software Advice after graduating from Occidental College with a degree in Political Science. At Software Advice, he writes about a diverse set of technology topics ranging from platform-as-a-service and Cloud computing to B2B marketing strategies and related customer relationship management (CRM) technologies.

Regardless of the field he’s covering, he enjoys discussing the implications technology has for the ways we live and work. In his spare time he enjoys catching live music scene in Austin, TX and visiting the city’s many lakes and rivers. He also enjoys training in martial arts and boxing.

Derek lives in Austin, Texas.

Jaisunder V, @BouncingThots

Focus: Business Process Management, CRM, and IT Marketplace

Process professional specialized in Business Process Management; works for a leading Technology firm.

Areas of interest include Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, SFA, Sales Performance Optimization, Corporate Performance Management and general IT industry developments and trends. Jaisunder blogs on these topics at Bouncing Thoughts.

Jaisunder lives in Mumbai, India.

Ron Webb, @RWebb_APQC

Focus: Healthcare, Benchmarking and Privacy

Executive Director of Open Standards Research at APQC and contributor to Harvard Business Review. Ron leads a team of extremely talented people dedicated to helping APQC member organizations improve their performance.

Prior to joining APQC, Webb was a consultant in the health care industry and still works with that industry as much as he can. Webb received a Master of Urban Planning (MUP) degree with a Health Systems Planning focus from Texas A&M University. This degree started his passion for process and systems thinking. Webb’s first publication was in 1992 in Sports Medicine. He’s published numerous benchmarking reports on APQC’s Website and is a regular guest blogger.

Webb received a varsity letter in the decathlon and still enjoys exercise; he regularly participates in long-distance running events and triathlons. A true competitor and adventurer at heart, he looks forward to time outdoors with his family as much as helping APQC members.

Ron lives in Houston, Texas.

Craig WillisCraig J. Willis, @CraigJWillis

Focus: Automation, Process and Agile Development

Craig Willis is a technology and process consultant with two decades of experience working with global companies needing to transform their way of doing business. His talents include both software and hardware implementation projects and most recently worked as a Product Manager for a Silicon Valley software company. Craig’s key interests include human psychology and spends his time trying to bring a better understanding to what motivates humans to work with technology.

Craig is a co-founder at, a project setup to develop simple visual tools for helping teams work together more efficiently. The project is focused on improving the way agile development teams reach a common understanding on product requirements.

He currently advises several startups on growth strategy, social media marketing and product development. He blogs at human automation.

Craig lives in Portsmouth, UK.

Ben ZoldanBen Zoldan, @StoryLeaders

Focus: Story, Sales and Human Achievement

Founder, Storyleaders, and Co-author, What Great Salespeople Do: The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection and the Power of Story.

On a journey to search out what the most influential, inspiring people do to affect change in others. Synthesizing discoveries in neuro-science, psychology, sociology, and a career working in Corporate training depts, to form Storyleaders, a business devoted to changing the way people sell, lead, and affect change.

Ben lives in Los Angeles.