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Bisi Bele Hulianna

Bisi Bele Hulianna and process (hint: famous in Chennai)

One of the foundational keys to consistently achieve business  benefits – whether they are related to inward looking drivers (such as efficiency, costs,  etc.) or outward looking (such as customer orientation,  customer service quality,  customer satisfaction, etc.) is the process. So as evangelists of ‘process thinking’, we all believe strongly that getting the process right […]

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poor employee

Why is the poor employee an afterthought in the process ?

Living in a world where customer experience is the ultimate goal I sometimes wonder whether organizations lose a bit of internal focus and forget about the employee experience. Going from good to great to pretty shocking I’ve been involved in many changes programmes where the directive from on high is to increase cost efficiency, process […]

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No trust

RBS kills off the relationship

Is this the end of personalized business banking ? I just found out that RBS, one of the largest UK based banks, is phasing out its Business Banking Relationship Managers in favour of directing all business customers to a ‘Business Hub’. In an angry post on Facebook, Keith Paton, a business customer, takes the RBS […]

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Airplanes taxiing

Just tell me what’s going on

We have a basic human need to know what’s happening around us. More and more, companies are addressing this need by exposing parts of their process that never saw the light of day in the past. Done well, it reduces anxiety and helps make customers into fans of whatever company they’re engaging with.  Three recent […]

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Mailbox on iPhone

Mailbox takes the mystery out of waiting

Throughout the weekend I’ve been hooked on a simple app that actually tells me very little.  Last week, based on stellar reviews (and maybe some hype), I signed up for an account with the email inbox management app Mailbox.  That’s when the waiting game began. Unlike many online services that do slow rollouts, only alerting you when […]

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Customers are just part of the process, not the journey

Journey won 8 awards including Game Of The Year at the DICE conference this week, an accolade which was well deserved for a number of reasons. You control a solitary figure and guide it through a personal story, along the way meeting the occasional lone figure who is controlled by another over the net. But […]

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Customer Service

The end of customer service?

Customer service is a baked-in part of the cost of delivery goods and services. Commodity services like Amazon’s AWS (cloud computing) sell and operate an extremely commoditized product that wins in cost and reliability, not in customer service. Amazon may be a very singular example, but as more products and services move toward the web […]

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Sorry, your success stories are stale

Enterprise change program are dead. This is the year of the Engagement Program. The predictions for 2013 are coming in thick and fast. We know technologies such as mobile, cloud and big data have been making the news and that the Internet of Things is the new darling of the analyst community and application platform […]

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Exhibit, A Work In Progress

Before you spend your first dollar on social media marketing…

A year is a lot of time given the pace with which things are happening on Social Media. Yet, 2013 is likely to be the year when more organizations than ever in the past, got a sense of the great potential Social Media holds – both  in terms of establishing and fanning that powerful relationship […]

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How I learned to stop worrying and love the regulation

I had an interesting conversation with a representative of a UK Regulator over the festive season. Having been involved in a number of regulatory and compliance programmes it was refreshing to hear the frustrations from the other side of the corporate electrified fence. Regulation is seen as an unnecessary evil, a mishmash of red tape and endless […]

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Process comes before a smile in customer service

When we are at the receiving end of poor customer service, it unfailingly ticks us off. Being champions of process only makes it a little more painful because even while we go through a first-hand experience of poor customer service –- be it over the phone or a counter –-  we are also immediately able […]

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Healthcare customer service

The real customer of healthcare

Gartner’s Jim Sinur wrote up his recent personal experience in healthcare, Bad Processes are a Stumbling Block to a Good Reputation, and brought up an excellent point about customer service: Who is the ‘customer’ of healthcare delivery? This questions could be the key to bringing healthcare into the 21st Century. Poor service Few industries are as […]

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Customer Service

The true cost of customer service ?

According to a recent report commissioned by Oracle, 81% of European consumers would happily hand over more of their hard-earned for a better customer experience and that consumers will eventually turn away from brands who just don’t service them the way they’re expected to. But seriously, does paying more for the customer experience actually guarantee […]

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Playing to the gallery

Is your predictive analytics strategy “playing to the gallery”?

I have been managing a few personal blogs for close to a decade now. I have traffic monitoring tools and Google Analytics configured, but I don’t monitor or analyze stuff there often enough. My excuse, though bad, is that I blog as a hobby, not for any business benefit. Plus, I haven’t found the idea […]

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Beautiful Christmas Tree

Why the COO hates Christmas

Following on from the recent blog Why the CIO hates Christmas.  So in the cheery spirit of Christmas, I thought I’d turn my attention to the COO or Operations Director: The one who keeps the wheels turning, no matter how much grit is thrown into the innermost workings. So why do COOs hate Christmas?  It […]

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Mr Bean

Social Engagement Strategy: The Serious Business of Taking Things Lighter

Earlier this month, a Facebook user, Richard Neill put up a post that suddenly went viral. The post was a rant against Maxipad maker Bodyform alleging that they lied in their advertisements. Rather than just let it go and hope the 84,000 or so ‘likes’ would be forgotten with the next viral wave, Bodyform put up […]

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