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Masai cell phone user

When another 2 billion join the connected world

We’re in Peru on vacation and enjoyed Machu Picchu just today. What struck us throughout this trip is the level of connectedness, even in the more remote areas of the country. We bought local rail tickets from an iPhone, texted from the Incan ruins and made it back in time to catch the World Series (in […]

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World Vision

One guy’s summary of TUCON 2013

TIBCO’s TUCON 2013 in Las Vegas wrapped up on Thursday and today, two days later, I’ve had the chance to reflect on what was most interesting. Here are my takeaways: Civilization 3.0 In the opening keynote, CEO Vivek Ranadivé told the audience that we’re entering a new era that he called Civilization 3.0. He broke earlier […]

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After the Great Recession comes the Great Integration

Are you ready for the Great Integration? To realize how absolutely crucial data integration has become, you need to first think back to the mid-2000’s. The hot conversation was around service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the benefits of loosely coupled business systems that that allowed information to flow between applications and databases through reusable interfaces built […]

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IT landscape 2 years

The tech landscape will be very different within two years

It would be hard to find a better time to be in IT than right now. That’s only true, though, if you believe that significant changes is good and aren’t wed to the status quo. Big change is coming and with big change comes insecurity, for sure, but also big opportunity. These are some of […]

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IT is eating corporate strategy

IT has never been a bigger part of what a company does to compete. That doesn’t necessarily mean the IT department…but your information technology, no matter how it gets delivered and by whom. Driven by social, mobile, big data, and whatever comes next, IT is more core than ever. Will that continue? In order to […]

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I am a weirdo. I don’t belong here.

…that’s right. I don’t belong here. In fact, what the hell am I doing here? Before you jump to the wrong conclusions, those aren’t my words. You’ll know whose words they are in just a minute. But before that, I want to spend a moment to talk about something that seems to be (but probably […]

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Huntington Beach

A guy just can’t commit a crime nowadays

It’s getting harder and harder to get away with things, even in the biggest crowds…and especially in the biggest crowds. The London riots last year were captured in incredible detail by not just London’s ubiquitous street cameras, but by thousands of people in the streets, both good and bad, on smartphones. You’d think that people […]

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The product roadmap is a work of fiction

As a Product Manager I always struggled with; maintaining the product roadmap and, in order to feed the roadmap, requirements gathering. I was constantly expected to present the roadmap to different groups within the organization like it was supposed to mean something. I could tell people what was going to be in the next release but why did they care […]

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Hey, Microsoft, sometimes patience is not a virtue

Yesterday, Microsoft shook up its leadership team with changes that kept the same people but in new roles. Some of the most significant changes were around the flagship Windows development team and Cloud, in both cases putting people in place that argued for better integration of products and the need to prepare for a post-PC/Cloud […]

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quantum computer

Quarks and Cats – but is this really progress?

Recent events have me asking if we’re really all that better off with both our science and our technology. Before you jump on that statement, read on. My son. Max who is now 11, is into his science in a big way. Yes – he is a geek and he is proud of it. His […]

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In defense of email

While I’ve been an enthusiastic adopter of social platforms I’ve never once felt the need to ditch my old and trustworthy friend Mr. Email. Sure, I’ve been down on email before as I wrote here, but I’ve never called for its end as discussed on this article. The comments on that post highlight some […]

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Your technology is heading south

6 warning signs that your technology is headed south

A recent blog talked about how technology is creating a sharper divide between the haves and have-nots in an increasingly global, increasingly data-focused economy. For some companies, the cloud, social, mobile and big data are bringing the best of times. For those trapped on the wrong side of change, it will be the worst of […]

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Bridging the Gap between marketing and IT

Bridging the ever-widening gap between Marketing and IT

Editor’s note: Faced with declining IT budgets during the recent economic downturn, many CMO’s turned to Software as a Service (SaaS) to fill the gap left by an underfunded and overloaded IT department. This kicked off a battle for budget, strategy and control that continues to heat up in most enterprises. In this piece, Brad […]

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Integration is sexy

Integration: I’m sexy and I know it

I’m a technology guy who tries to keep up with every booming tech startup, acquisition by a major player, and new version of top-selling software. I’ve watched waves of technology crash on the shore of commerce and government. Why am I telling you this? The conversation we’re not having I’m confident I’ve been left with […]

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Big Data: the shift from ocean to stream will hit you like a tsunami

So the fabled Mary Meeker powerpoint tome hit the internet at the D11 conference this week and if you have the patience to wade through the stats the messages are pretty clear: it’s a wearable, shareable future for mankind. But there’s a shift in how people are willing to share now. Share it. Delete it. […]

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Sales Process

Your prospects don’t care about your sales process — maybe you shouldn’t either

One of my friends thinks ‘Sales’ is about talking. Another person I follow on Twitter thinks it is about ‘convincing’ the customer. I wince every time I hear someone characterize an engaging, fluent, fast talking, bloke as ‘sales material’. Sales, as you might agree(especially if you are in sales yourself), is really not any of […]

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