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Social meida

I post in private groups, where the real work gets done

A little over a year ago, I had a conversation with the tibbr product manager about his use of the social platform he was guiding through a rapid series of improvements. I was very curious to know why I rarely saw his posts on the corporate social media site, considering his role. He said something […]

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The new DNA of B2B marketing is Customer Experience

We usually think of customer experience (CX) as a consumer-facing concept. In most retail companies, it is a full-time position that puts heavy focus on the physical interfaces to the customer (Web, social, stores, support). It becomes easy to believe that customer experience is a combination of marketing, sales and service. CX has an identity […]

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I’m 2.5% Neanderthal, but that’s not my story

If you weren’t already aware, having a story beats having data in almost every situation. In business we love ‘ROI’ but the true bottom line is that facts aren’t everything and a great story is far more powerful and evocative in the human brain that reams of data. A few months ago I wrote about […]

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Sales Process

Your prospects don’t care about your sales process — maybe you shouldn’t either

One of my friends thinks ‘Sales’ is about talking. Another person I follow on Twitter thinks it is about ‘convincing’ the customer. I wince every time I hear someone characterize an engaging, fluent, fast talking, bloke as ‘sales material’. Sales, as you might agree(especially if you are in sales yourself), is really not any of […]

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Sales with a megaphone

A link to our identity

Yesterday, I was going through my backlog of LinkedIn invitations, and I had a feeling of fatigue. Description: Overachieving, Highly Successful, Proven, Results driven, Strategic, Consultative, Solutions-Oriented, Problem-Solver, Goal-Oriented, with expertise in new customer acquisition, profitability enhancement, pipeline development and process improvement. Brings me to a conference I spoke at. The topic was “The Customer […]

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Pounding the table

Customers want an experience retailers aren’t delivering

The public wants both a seamless shopping experience across any retail channel (mobile, online, in store) and is happy to research online (AKA ‘webrooming’) and buy from a brick and mortar store. These were two of the strongest conclusions in the Seamless Retail Research released by Accenture on April 15th. This isn’t a shocker for […]

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Elevator Up Button

Get your elevator pitch off the ground floor

You know the drill… You’ve got an executive’s undivided attention for the length of an elevator ride. What can you say in that 60 seconds that will spark interest, provide enough detail to show credibility, and land a follow-up meeting? I recently attended an enlightening presentation by Rick Coplin and Greg Pugh of the TechColumbus business incubator on […]

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Woman whispering in man's ear

Don’t think like your customers, get them to think like you !

Predictive analytics is big business now. Hand in hand with Big Data they represent one of the only ways to get to know your consumer market and understand how they’ll behave under conditions, respond to marketing and react to incentives. But the problem with all of this is that it’s a constant cat and mouse chase, consumers are […]

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Bad Intent

Intent beats technique and everyone hates bad sales ego

Managing a sales course this week and if there’s one thing I hope to instill in the class, it’s a message about intent. People smell your intent like a dog smells fear. Don’t believe me? Consider what happens each time you sit down on the airplane next to someone else. Whether you realize it or […]

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Losers cold call…cool people warm call

In this day and age, most unsolicited business calls go unanswered. Modern sales and marketing professionals are up against savvy buyers that are more empowered than ever by easy access to detailed product information on the Web. Everyone is connected to the latest information. And if buyers don’t want to hear from marketers, they have […]

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Do you really think you have a privacy right when you shop ?

This week a US Senator wrote to a tech firm which tracks and monitors consumers and asked them to change their practices. Euclid Analytics uses technology and data to help retailers build a consumer relationship by turning in-store behavior into insights and recommendations for improving marketing, merchandising, and operations. They do this by using the […]

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4 reasons you are losing followers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re reaching out to Aunt Shirley or your customer, being social in the wrong way breaks what I call the ‘social contract’. The social contract is the tacit understanding of why people follow, subscribe, arrive at a site or click on a link. Break the contract and you will not be […]

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High Street is dead and it’s all your fault

Within a week three big and well established UK retail chains will more than likely disappear for good. For Jessops that’s already happened, for HMV and now Blockbuster it’s about to. It continues the trend from the last couple of years that the High Street is dying and dying fast, for goods that can be […]

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Swinging Watch

Working with The Hypnotist

My team and I have spent the past several weeks getting ready for our sales kickoff taking place next week in sunny San Diego. The number of hours going into the work is sizable but the expected payoff is a field sales force fired up for the new year. After four quarters of battle and the […]

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Presentations don’t have to suck

Would you want to sit through your own presentations? I’d like to think I would but the reality is that most people wouldn’t ask themselves that question before putting together their next ‘killer deck’. That’s how we get to where we are. Now take into consideration the problem of virtual presenting, where we don’t see […]

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I became my parents

I just read Daniel Goleman’s piece on storytelling & leadership. I thought about all my own lessons learned as a sales manager; and how easy it was for me to stop doing the things that served me well as a salesperson, when I became a manager. You know those times in life where you catch […]

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