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In Praise of Face Time

Almost all work these days is distributed — people interact with one other to make sales and process orders from different locations, for instance. To keep everyone up-to-date, particularly across departments and functions, employees use electronic tools (e-mail, voice mail, conference calls, instant messaging, and social media). In our virtual world, working face-to-face is increasingly […]

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Big Data is the greenest data of all

The following is a guest post. As Co-founder of Fabless Labs, Piyush is in his element while developing the next generation of truly open, open source analytics solutions.Piyush is likewise no stranger to the challenges of real-time and complex information management. For him, this is the perfect intersection of his passion for real-time decision-making and […]

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Three ways to make your IT more nimble

The following was first posted on Harvard Business Review. If you want to improve how your organization develops, delivers and supports its products or services, it’s hard to avoid changes to the information systems that enable those processes. Yet I often see organizations that try. Why? Because they have suffered from delays and high expenses […]

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