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A glimpse inside the retail bank of the future

In previous blogs we referred to the operating models of retail banks by identifying certain product and channel features that drive the changes in the industry. This post will focus on the evolving operating model and the impacts it has on people, process and enabling capabilities, which is more than the technology that drives most […]

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breakthrough in banking

Are retail banks on course for an omni-channel revolution?

The following is a guest post by Sandesh Sharanappa. The banking industry is poised for a sea change as a result of the changing global and national regulations, demanding customers, disruptive technologies and the arrival of non-traditional players offering retail banking services. The industry faces a challenge in providing seamless customer experience, becoming truly customer […]

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Big Data in Financial Services

Big Data in financial services – State of the Nation

This week I was fortunate to attend the 2nd Big Data & Analytics Conference, organised by IQPC and PEX Network in London. The following are my take-aways from what appears to be a relatively confused landscape of business intelligence professionals, data architects, technology providers, and system integrators: 1. Whole market solutions – Financial Services institutions […]

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Omni Channel Retailers teaching banks

Retail banks should take a lesson from omni-channel retailers

In a previous post I commented on the lack of innovation in retail banking in the UK and in other European countries. Riding the waves of the digital revolution, there is no doubt that most retailers will eventually adopt an omni-channel (‘OC’) approach to customer service. But is this equally true for retail banks? With […]

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Stock trading software

The micro market crash, brought to you by social media

Just over a week ago, the U.S. stock market plunged in early afternoon trading with the S&P 500 losing $121 billion of its value within minutes. This happened after a fake tweet appeared on the Associated Press’s twitter feed describing a terror attack on the White House.  During the momentary plunge, the Dow fell 145 […]

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Without a new approach, new banks are no better than old

This blog post looks at the promise of new entrants into the UK retail banking sector. It also discusses in general where retail banks should focus on in order to stay competitive in an industry that is marked by ever more assertive customers and disruptive technology changes. There is always a sense of expectation when […]

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No trust

RBS kills off the relationship

Is this the end of personalized business banking ? I just found out that RBS, one of the largest UK based banks, is phasing out its Business Banking Relationship Managers in favour of directing all business customers to a ‘Business Hub’. In an angry post on Facebook, Keith Paton, a business customer, takes the RBS […]

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cartes de crédit

The mobile wallet is already doomed ? That was fast

This week the UK Payments Council announced that by Spring 2014 consumers will be able to submit and receive funds via SMS, a move that marries up an opt-in database of mobile phone numbers to customer bank accounts with 8 of the large retail banks including Barclays, HSBC, Santander, RBS and Lloyds Bank. The concept will be run by the […]

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Cogs in the Machine

Nationwide talks tangible benefits from social media for collaboration

As we automate more and more routine work, generating ever greater volumes of digital data, managers are focusing ever more on supporting knowledge workers — which these days is just about everybody. Online collaboration tools can help; they can give workers quick answers to questions, speed decision-making, and improve communications from the top to bottom […]

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Car Wreck

When both airbags deploy you know there’s a lot of paperwork

Do we choose our services for the right reasons? How often is price more important than service? I spotted this car on the side of a quiet back lane on my cycle to work. A smashed wing, a cracked windscreen on the opposite side of the car and both airbags deployed. No sign of any […]

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£46,774 per person – The cost of not paying attention

The current Barclays scandal has gathered momentum and has now gone way beyond “it had insufficient business controls” as the recent Guardian article today, Barclays Libor scandal: how can we change banking culture? spells out in graphic detail. The UK population has been well and truly ‘bankered’. To sum up the excellent article According to […]

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