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Google Reader, I hardly knew ye

Why the crazy uproar over the end of Google Reader? Anyone who read the Google defense of the decision knows that it wasn’t being used at a level Google wanted and that they want to refocus their efforts elsewhere. Oy vey, what outpouring of grief and angst, proving that Google Reader fans may not be […]

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What price influence?

Over at Techcrunch there’s an interesting story of how Condé Nast has grown it’s portfolio of companies not through further media investment but instead with a niche fashion jeweler. It may sound like an odd choice, but given they also own Vogue, it makes perfect sense to marry media and jewelry audiences with each other. […]

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Justice for Tesla

Now it’s NY Times versus Tesla owners

The NY Times is under attack on multiple levels, which isn’t all the newsworthy in itself. What is remarkable is the way this ‘story about a story’ is playing out in the age of social media and empowered people. Owners join the fight Today, seven Tesla S owners set out to recreate the test drive […]

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Russian Meteor

Russian meteor strike proves the networks are old news

Early this morning the news broke that a meteor had streaked across the sky near Chelyabinsk, Russia and within minutes it was trending and video footage posted on YouTube (see below) went viral. People immediately followed the reports as fresh updates came in over Twitter and the social websites quickly took hold and posted up […]

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Tunnel Creek

The New York Times showed us the future in Snow Fall

Last week, the New York Times broke new ground on the Internet without a great deal of fanfare. Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek came out as a serial novel, a pattern from the days of Dickens and Hugo. This was no simple story of tragedy or triumph. It started with a video, complete […]

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