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A new user’s assessment of Asana’s productivity tool

This review was a collaboration between myself, Ron Webb, and John Tesmer (@johngtesmer). One of the teams I work on recently started a test of Asana, a product touted as “…the next big step in productivity”. We were looking for tools to help us manage the work we do on a regular basis. I’ll put […]

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LinkedIn acquires Pulse, kills Groups and becomes context king

LinkedIn confirmed it’s acquisition of the news reader app Pulse this week, a deal valued at approximately $90 million, 90% in the form of company stock and 10% in cash. While it’s not immediately clear where this will lead the Pulse team state “We’re still working together on the product you love, and will continue […]

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Money in hand in the form of many large bills

There’s a technology tsunami hitting the world of commerce

I had a great chance this week to catch up with a friend from Venture Beat about my thoughts on what’s revolutionizing our world in this moment. While that’s a broad question, the answer is very specific: The patterns for how people buy and sell are shifting very rapidly.  Buying and selling touches everything that we […]

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It takes two to design an app? Um…duh…what about integration?

At the Structure Data Conference this morning, Kleiner Perkins partner Michael Abbott encouraged people to think about apps from the perspective of engineers and designers. What strikes me about his comment is how nothing has changed from the early days in technology, where everyone agreed the end user experience needs to be managed alongside the […]

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When opposites don’t attract: The app vs The platform

The IT world is a dichotomy. On one hand we have our peers and educators telling us that to learn to code creates a foundation for entry into the world of the software business and yet in our own enterprise domain we yearn for the ability to create without code. Take a look at the […]

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5 Apps Your Employees Should Start Using Today

The following is a guest post. Countless apps are now available on the market – at least 300,000 have been developed over the past three years alone according to Source Digital Buzz.  In an increasingly mobile world, many modern workers use apps their smartphones or mobile devices for business purposes. This makes it easy for […]

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(FILE PHOTO) Samsung Overtakes Apple As Leading Smart-Phone Supplier

Manage the apps not the device to avoid a BYOD risk headache

“You’ve gone BYOD, now what ? I’ll tell you what, you get nuked on security, that’s what.” – Patrick Lujan According to a recent survey conducted by Apperian Inc. over 65% of respondents used mobile apps in the enterprise, with 35% saying that they had developed between 1 and 3 in-house and a significant 51% […]

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Mailbox on iPhone

Mailbox takes the mystery out of waiting

Throughout the weekend I’ve been hooked on a simple app that actually tells me very little.  Last week, based on stellar reviews (and maybe some hype), I signed up for an account with the email inbox management app Mailbox.  That’s when the waiting game began. Unlike many online services that do slow rollouts, only alerting you when […]

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Order-ahead, pay-ahead from your cellphone: The race is on

Just today PayPal announced that they added more retailers to their in-store payments application and are now at 18,000 retail outlets in the US. Amazing how technology that everyone expected would help break us free from brick and mortar is now squarely (pun intended) on making mobile payments to local stores much easier. If you’re […]

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The corporate intranet is dead…but wait…

We had a meeting just this week with Liferay, a maker of enterprise open source portals. Frankly, I was surprised when I was asked to attend the meeting. Aren’t portals dead? Haven’t the likes of SharePoint, Jive and others gone the way of the dinosaur? Was I being asked to take a step backward in […]

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HTML5 3D Wallpaper by Rafael Otake

To HTML5 or not to HTML5…that is the question

The following is a guest post by Catheryne Nicholson, Co-Founder and CEO at MommaZoo, a “village of help for school parents” startup in the Bay Area. MommaZoo provides a local parent network to discover and share help in transporting, caring, and educating kids. Between her multiple jobs and motherhood, she’s always multi-tasking. Back when she had the […]

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We must become our own CIO’s

I recently co-authored a blog post for HBR on the marketplace for privacy where we assert that there is a price to be paid for your health-related information. Technology is a key driver to participating wisely in privacy commerce, so you will need to become your own CIO to make sure you know when to […]

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From customers to rabid fans

In the age of the digitally connected customer, we’ve never had more opportunity to connected personally with customers and create ‘fans’. But where to make the big bets and how to learn to do this without breaking the current model? It takes a test market… As Brian Solis put it recently, there’s a new generation […]

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The State of the Internet

Dissecting the state of the Internet

I had a chance to follow a link this morning to a presentation called, The State of the Internet by the Founder and CEO of Business Insider, Henry Blodget. Beyond the fact that it has 138 slides, it had some very interesting things to put forward about our 20-year-old Internet. To save you some time […]

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TIBCO Platform

Day 2 of TUCON 2012 even better than Day 1

The following is a writeup of TIBCO’s TUCON 2012. Follow the event at #TUCON2012. While we’re not usually so ‘TIBCO’, there was a great deal of really interesting information shared that we thought you would enjoy. Day Two of TUCON 2012 continued to be a showcase of the technology that responds to the conference theme, […]

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Networked world and ERP

ERP doesn’t differentiate your business

The globalized, industrialized world is run mostly by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. That’s been the case since the 70’s, when we first computerized accounting through mainframe and other monolithic, all-or-nothing applications. Dun & Bradstreet eventually dominated a marketplace where only the wealthiest companies could afford to play. The arrival of client-server applications in the […]

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