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An app approach

The future is an app

It took us a while to get there, and we had to get mobile first, but apps are about to explode as the best way to do business. It just makes sense to have light-weight, purpose-built functionality that’s highly specific to the various tasks within roles in the organization. We’ll look back someday in the […]

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The 21st Century workplace

The workplace has a brand new look

There’s a growing recognition that the next generation of workers treats email the same way us older folks now see the memo or physical email. What we still use as a mainline communication tool they see as a relic. This move toward social isn’t breaking news, but it is the leading edge of something much […]

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Do you have a technology crystal ball?

Anticipating the BPM technology future

Everyone wants to have an oracle at their service. We wish we could know what will happen next so that our bets can be placed in the best places. Even better…don’t place bets but instead make the right investment once and only once. To do this, we need to correctly anticipate what is coming next. […]

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The fundamental technology shifts that affect BPM #BPM #BPMFuture

Picked up on an interesting tweet this weekend of a Business Insider article titled, “Facebook Investor Roger McNamee Explains Why Social is Over”. Since most technology people and the pundits are still explaining why Social needs to exist, it grabbed my attention. Roger McNamee’s presentation of “10 Hypotheses for Technology Investing” was the driver for […]

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