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API Management

What’s your strategy for the API economy?

An even better question is, “Do you have a strategy for the API economy?” Where API’s used to be limited to allowing applications to talk to each other inside the corporate firewall, today’s API’s are a key part of the real work being done by the Web. It took a few years, but now Web […]

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Cloud without integration is a data brick wall

Is that surprising? To anyone who’s using Software as a Service (SaaS), data silos are just as much of a problem as they were for applications a decade ago. Ironic, isn’t it, that we’ve come so far and yet are recreating the data silos of the last generation? A survey published in Integration Developer News […]

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School desk with pencil and apple

Continuous improvement that actually works

Cloud technology continues to transform the way business is done. It has had an impact on the way software is bought and sold but also on the quality of software itself. A true cloud offering, as opposed to a hosted version of an on-premise solution, makes it easier than ever for software companies to focus […]

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House of Cards

Netflix nominated for an Emmy and the revolution continues

Netflix was nominated today for an Emmy for its original series Arrested Development, House of Cards and Hemlock Grove. Google is going to try once again to deliver TV service over the Internet. Apple is looking to pay TV networks for commercial-skipping through a premium service. Is there a pattern here or what? These moves […]

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Integration is everything in a mobile, social, cloud and big data world

We live in a world where business is moving faster each and every day. The time frames of the pre-Internet age where phones and fax were the norm would seem impossibly slow today. Unfortunately, it’s worse than that. While the speed of business picks up, there are new challenges that make managing information and decisions […]

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SaaS-created hell

The irony, cost and process hell of Software as a Service

Woe unto you if you don’t think through your decisions to buy and use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). That’s right…woe unto you. As more and more organizations use SaaS applications (in 2011, Forrester projected 18 by 2013 and said we were at 9.6 by Fall 2012), the complexity of integrating all of those silo’d applications is rising […]

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SaaS leaves customer service flat

The ghost town of SaaS customer service

Everyone loves Software as a Service (SaaS) these days. It saves money, it simplifies deployment, and it does an end-around the legendary bureaucracy and obstinance of IT. As some would paint it, SaaS should be able to eat the world and leave the average IT department looking like an underfunded ghost town. The ghost town But […]

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Gartner tells us where Cloud integration is headed

Gartner’s Massimo Pezzini spoke this morning at the AADI Conference in London on the topic of why integration is even more critical in the ever-expanding world of cloud computing. Pezzini started out by commenting that application integration was a science that we were finally beginning to master just as the game changed with the arrival […]

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Gold Rush

Cloudy with a chance of integration: The Great iPaaS Gold Rush is on

I was recently with a client who is looking for a new BPM solution and they have a very positive outlook towards Cloud. They love it, so much so that they weren’t interested in on-premise solutions. This represents a real shift in attitude, and the company is no slouch or tadpole in size either. And […]

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Beverly Hills

Cloud isn’t a Beverly Hills nose job at a Tijuana price

Too many business people see the Cloud as a way of outsourcing IT’s function to a cheaper, newer set of applications. That’s not surprising when you consider that Cloud vendors are going straight to business owners the world over and offering to give their technology tools a radical facelift at a steeply discounted price. No […]

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Silos in the cloud

Risking your business on silos in the cloud?…let me know how that goes

There’s no doubt the world is enthralled by the promises of cloud computing and why not? Freeing up enormous capital expenditures in favor of subscription-based services for functionality someone else has to worry about? What’s not to like? Well, the fact that most SaaS applications are merely silos of their own, not significantly improved from […]

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Hello Sonos, goodbye Bose and why proprietary anything sucks

I finally did it…I broke my longstanding relationship with Bose sound systems and bought my first Sonos equipment…starting out with the Bridge and one Play 3 speaker. I brought it home and had it running in ten minutes. No wires, and even though I had a manual, I didn’t need it. Like my all of my […]

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Despite Tableau IPO excitement, are we headed for the end of the standalone application?

Day 2 of the Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Conference in London and I can’t help but ask myself, “Does the combination of cloud, mobile, social and data usher in the eventual end of the stand alone application? There’s a frank reality that these four ‘movements’, called the Nexus of Forces by Gartner, intersect […]

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School bus

The CIO is driving IT toward a cliff

There’s an increasing perception across the enterprise that the role of the CIO as we know it won’t survive the decade. This isn’t anecdotal evidence, either, as respected institutions like the Harvard Business Review, the Economist and others are publishing studies that show that the average CEO is unhappy with the status quo of their […]

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Next 20 years

Get a jump on the next twenty years of technology

After so many years in technology, I find it hard to see the newest trends as completely new. I’ve become a cynic about hype. Things have cycled so many times in my career that every new fad reminds me of  highly touted ‘movements’ like CORBA and artificial intelligence, and once-hot platforms like MySpace and AOL. […]

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Dark Clouds for cloud

Dark clouds on the horizon of cloud computing?

Cloud is red hot. You can’t attend a conference or take two steps out of your house without hearing something about cloud computing. It isn’t a shocker, as the concepts behind Cloud form a compelling argument for the way business needs to be run. It lets anyone, regardless of upfront spend and infrastructure, be a […]

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