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Will in the Kitchen

The dawn of Bring Your Own Anything

We are on the verge of the next wave of “Bring Your Own” and it is going to be great for those who embrace it. I call it Bring Your Own Anything (BYOA, of course). It is led by the ongoing data revolution and doesn’t matter if that data is big or small. It is […]

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Hello Sonos, goodbye Bose and why proprietary anything sucks

I finally did it…I broke my longstanding relationship with Bose sound systems and bought my first Sonos equipment…starting out with the Bridge and one Play 3 speaker. I brought it home and had it running in ten minutes. No wires, and even though I had a manual, I didn’t need it. Like my all of my […]

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Frustrated doctor

Apple can do what $27 billion in Federal funding hasn’t

The “Consumerization of IT” was an employee-led revolution.  Personal and business technology were leveraged by the employees to improve their own productivity, forcing IT to respond to ensure corporate standards were followed and intellectual property was protected. IT played catch up because they had no choice. Let’s take that example and consider the challenge to […]

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Tom Hanks in Big

Forrester peers into next 5 years with 15 predictions

Forrester analyst Brian Hopkins today blogged his Top 15 technology predictions for the next 5 years leading up to 2018. I didn’t find too many rolls of the dice. For many there will be no big surprises; Mobile (tops the class for disruption), Social, Cloud, Big Data but here Brian splits the pack down further […]

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Pebble Watch

Dawn of the wearable device

Wearable devices promise to make computing more personal than ever before. The market is led by a surge in health and fitness innovations that can track your lifestyle, like the Jawbone UP, and by healthcare devices that can measure your glucose level and other vital signs. Few wearables have gotten more attention than Google Glass, […]

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Apple Christmas

Why the CIO hates Christmas

Bah humbug There are many reasons you could hate Christmas; the endless adverts for electronics, clothing and jewelry started in late October and every shop is playing Christmas carols nonstop. The Company Christmas Party which Jeremy Clarkson described as “It is the damp log in the fire, the mould on the smoked salmon, the advertisement in the […]

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Enterprise pinboard

The next move in enterprise social is enterprise scrapbooks

We’ve watched so many ideas move from the consumer world to the workplace in the past several years. Search, iPhones, apps, and social networks have all become standard in the enterprise. The consumerization of IT has had a major impact on the the working world and there’s no reason to believe it is over. So […]

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Dark side of Twitter

The anti-social Web is dead. Long live the anti-social Web.

Like many things left too long in the hands of clever humans, social media has become corrupted. But at just the moment it appeared that greed and automation might do permanent damage, there’s change afoot. You saw it in hue and cry over Twitter’s API’s (the way third parties access the site), in the rise […]

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An app approach

The future is an app

It took us a while to get there, and we had to get mobile first, but apps are about to explode as the best way to do business. It just makes sense to have light-weight, purpose-built functionality that’s highly specific to the various tasks within roles in the organization. We’ll look back someday in the […]

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Can process be a bright shiny object?

Process needs to be a big shiny object

Big Shiny Objects (BSO’s) get all the attention.  They get the marketing budget. They get the executive attention.  They get the budget. Recent BSO’s are social for the enterprise, Cloud and Big Data. Will they change the game? Maybe. Will they get the attention? Almost exclusively. Attention Def…what did you say? Attention is, by definition, […]

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Consumerization of IT: Avoiding the tyranny of tools

It is admittedly cliché to talk about how simple the world was when we grew up.  But like many things cliché, this simplicity perception holds more than a kernel of truth and nowhere is this more true than in the areas of tools and choices. We have an explosion of tools and choices in our personal life and, increasingly, […]

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